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The Kiniras Hotel. An Eclectic Experience.

24/03/2014 - by Kiniras Hotel
But there are few that possess the charisma and vintage flair that The Kiniras Hotel located in the heart of the old town of Paphos resonates.

You see, this hotel that has been operating since 1924 is truly unique.  Because its eclectic quirkiness and original character is as far from the cliché commercial hotel experience that one normally gets.

And this is why.

The frescoes that decorate every room have been painted by the owner and his friends and they’ve managed to cultivate an air of authenticity that simply cannot be mimicked.  These are them.

Its courtyard has become the go-to meeting point for those wanting to enjoy a drink in a relaxing ambiance whilst seeing to business.

It has proven popular amongst writers and artists that perhaps could in small part also be credited to the artistry of the hotel walls that serve as a gallery too.

And then there’s its food.  Traditional authentic Cypriot cuisine.  So succulent, that it has earned The Kiniras Restaurant the coveted CTO “Valchis” certification.

Three generations of the Gregoriou family have run this hotel and kudos to each of them not only for the success that they’ve managed to achieve, but for the quality and local charm that they’ve managed to retain over the years.  

So if you happen to find yourself in Kato Paphos, without doubt The Kiniras Hotel is well worth a visit if not a stay.  You’d certainly be missing out if you didn’t.

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