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The Most Beautiful Bali Beach Resorts

12/01/2018 - by Dipa Singha
The beautiful blue waters of the sea, golden sunrise, palm trees, fruity drinks are some of the things that you might require. Naturally, there are incredible things to see and do in Bali. You can surely spend a week or even more there. There are a variety of the excellent beaches in flora and fauna, and some of the most beautiful Bali beach resorts to boot.The most magnificent beaches in Bali are Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Candidasa, Nusa Dua, and Lovina. All of these give a unique vibe; yet all beaches have plenty of accommodation, which is a common thing. You can choose from resorts to luxury Bali villas depending on your budget and requirements. You can take your shelter and have the seashore right at your doorstep.

You will discover a beach of your preference, whether its palm-fringed beaches with beautiful white sand or the natural sandy beaches, Apart from merely lounging in a bunk or soaking up the sun, you can pamper in some beach exercises such as diving, kayaking, parasailing and others.

Here is a short look at what offered at every beach.

Kuta beach: it is one of the most famous beaches and entertainment zone of the island in Bali. Throughout the day, you can go surfing, soak in the sun, play volleyball or even hang out, then in the evening you can experience the twilight, and then the time for the fun to roll. On the beach, there are many places where you can eat and have a drink.

Sanur beach: Numbered among the most elegant beaches in Bali, is located almost ten minutes’ drive off the capital Denpasar. In Sanur beach you stay in a private Bali villa, wake up to the vibrations of the water washing beached, and later sunrise, take a boat to explore the remote islands. It is a preferred destination for those involved in snorkeling since corals surround the beach. The beach is a port for water exercises, and you can venture into surfing, jet skiing, windsurfing, voyaging on glass-bottom sailboats, canoeing, also sailing. Apart from soaking up the sun and relishing in some water exercises, you can even travel to the nearby farmland.Legian beach: For a more laid-back beach adventure, you can count on the Legian beach. The beach offers excellent facilities although it is less touristy. You can just relax, take in the scene, or entertain in something more intense such as parasailing, surfing, and snorkeling. Nevertheless, given the massive currents, it is not recommended to swim on the beach.

Nusa Dua beach:  it ranks as a high-end resort of Bali, something that is rather clear considering the high-end luxuries here in resorts, five-star hotels, as well as luxury Bali villas. The shoal waters are perfect for swimming, and there are lifeguards in charge. Furthermore, the immaculately kept 18 holes golf course also found here.Lovina beach: The scene here is distinct from the other beaches. Here the sand is black and volcanic, and the beach now assures that the water is competent for swimming. Like with other beaches, the sunrises, and sunsets are magnificent and in the nights, the angler’s boats retiring with the day's catch give a lovely sight.Jimbaran beach: it is somehow secluded and is ideal for those who want their private space in the sun. Here you can spend the day basking in the sun or even use quiet hours walking on the soft white strand. You can also enjoy spectacular sunsets here are and the peaceful surroundings.

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  • 02/10/2017 - by Dong ha

    In a busy life, most people
    always wait for a picnic with their family because it’s considered as the best
    time to improve the relationship between family members and the time for
    sharing and relaxing as well. However, many people get in trouble at the
    preparation step or always forget some tiny things like lighter, a bowl, etc.
    Therefore, thoughtful preparation is a good thing for the perfect trip. (Vietnam package tour)

    1.   Suitable


    Perhaps you think that
    clothes are not the problem while enjoying the picnic so you don’t pay
    attention to the issue, but it is really a misconception. The picnic is time
    for rest, refreshment, and fun, so you should choose the clothes that are the
    most comfortable for you and can help you move easiest. Furthermore, wearing
    expensive clothes can be a bad choice for you because when enjoying outside
    activities, your clothes can get dirty or ruined by some unexpected incidents,
    so you should choose the clothes which you can throw away or easily clean.
    Moreover, if you like wearing a dress, a maxi dress or long dress is the best
    idea for you. They will help you move more easily, sit down or run and they are
    more comfortable than a short dress.

    2. Make a list of what are
    the necessary things to bring


    Whether you are a careful
    person or not, making a list of necessary things for the picnic is always the
    most important step because there are a lot of tiny things for a picnic and
    your brain can not cover them all. In addition, the list also helps you avoid
    the “OMG, I forgot” situation which makes your picnic uncomfortable. You can
    divide the list into 3 parts including types of food and vegetable, kitchen tools
    and personal things. For foods, you should cook or pre-process at home to save
    picnic time as well as reduce the number of kitchen tools such as a gas cooker
    or saucepans. Don’t forget to wash, peel, cut and store the vegetables and
    fruits in additional boxes from the house. When arriving at the picnic place,
    just enjoy them without loss of time for the preparation of food as well.

    If you love the beach and
    want to visit the beach for your family, remember to bring a wide-brimmed hat,
    sunscreen, and sunglasses. You should bring insect control pills if your picnic
    place is national park or forest. Be proactive and prepare a list of appliances
    and utensils which you need to bring 1-2 days ahead to be sure that you bring
    all things you want for the picnic. You should avoid preparing necessary things
    1-2 hours before going to the picnic.

    Bring tablecloths

    It’s the most importing thing
    when going to the picnic, but all most people always forget it. Whether you
    choose the beach, park or anywhere for your family, tablecloths is one of the
    first things you have to bring because it helps you have clean place for eating
    and sitting instead of sitting on sand, soil or grass which can cause a lot of
    problems that you do not unforeseeable such as insect bites, dirty clothes and

    4. Carry a serving tray

    Except when going to the picnic
    area zones that have available tables and seats, you should bring a tray to
    serve food. Normally, sitting on the ground can make for an uneven surface, so
    this can make it hard for beer and wine to be poured. Hence, bring a plastic
    tray to put food and drinks. The tray will also make the food more beautiful if
    you intend to take a photo with them.

    5. Readiness to enjoy

    The last thing you need to do
    is to enjoy this trip. You can bring a magazine, a paper, a novel or some funny
    things or interesting games to do with your family to make the best memorable
    and relaxing time for each member of the family. You should put stress or
    trouble things in your life on the other side and enjoy 100% feeling in the
    picnic. In addition, staying away from the phone, tablet is the best idea in
    this time. You should remember that the picnic is the time for your family and
    outside activities.

    5 Useful Things for the Perfect Picnic

  • 06/01/2017 - by Surbhi Verma

    It could be that
    you are using shampoo and conditioners on a regular basis, but still witnessing
    hair falls and dandruff. You may not be satisfied with the results derived from
    the branded shampoos available in the market. But shampooing the hair is an
    absolute must and is to be performed regularly. This can help your hair to be
    clean and to eliminate the accumulated dust and dirt particles. A better way to
    enjoy having good, thick, healthy and fine hair is to use organic based sls
    free shampoo
    . They are completely
    safe for the health of the hair and the scalp. They allow the scalp to breathe
    freely and nourish them thoroughly.

    Use the best sls free shampoo brands

    It is necessary
    for you to use only the best available brands in the market. The regular
    shampoo products are known to contain sulfate in them. It is considered to be a
    powerful chemical that can strip the hair of the essential moisture and oil
    present. Also, it is likely to leave your hair vulnerable to damage and
    breakage. If oil gets lost from hair, body is known to respond to such
    situations by producing oil in plenty. It will only lead towards developing of
    oily hair, which may appear dull and limp. Besides this, if such shampoos do
    get in contact with the skin, then that skin part is made excessively oily.
    Such issues can be avoided by using organic Sulfate free shampoo products.

    Sls free shampoo boots - Enjoy the benefits

    You might not be
    satisfied initially upon using these organic shampoos. The reason is because,
    you may not derive the kind of lather which are used to with the regular
    shampoos. Once you get used to such shampoos, you can indeed appreciate the
    changes taking place in the hair with time. After weeks of using the product,
    your hair will start to repair itself. Also, it will appear much softer, more
    moisturized and healthier. Moreover, your scalp would be free from irritation
    and dryness. Such shampoos are quite reasonably priced.

    For More Details -

    Sls free shampoo uk – Using the best quality hair care products for better
    hair growth

    One can make use
    of Keranique hair care system which is considered to be 100% organic and chemical
    free. The pH and sulfate free balanced formulation of this product is what
    makes it completely gentle to be used by everyone. It is also safe to be used
    on every hair type. Even those having color treated hair can enjoy its natural
    benefits. The products are said to  be
    enriched with that of hydrolyzed keratin. This can help safeguard the hair from
    those UV rays that can otherwise prove to have damaging effects. Keranique
    ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants in shampoo can rejuvenate
    effectively the hair. It can make the hair shiny, glossy and smooth. Also, the
    conditioner tends to offer the user with unmatched protection from intense
    humidity and heat of the different styling products. One can make use of sodium lauryl sulfate products and
    leave the worry behind.


    When shampoos are
    concerned, one should always purchase organic, high quality shampoo and
    conditioner products that are 100% chemical free.

    SLS free shampoo – Buy only the best organic shampoo for your daily use

  • 28/04/2014 - by Eleni P Hoplaros

    There are countless beaches in Cyprus.

    Many of them possess a beauty that is unrivaled.

    And TripAdvisor thought this one was one of the top. So much so that it made it onto their Top 25 Beaches.  In Europe.

    So click here. And take a look.

    For this beach.

    In Protaras. Cyprus.

    Well. It's mighty fine.

    Source: TripAdvisor

    TripAdvisor Voted. And Cyprus Made The List.

  • 14/06/2011 - by Gabriel House

    "It also stands at a distance of 25 kilometres from Governor's Beach."

    Kato Drys is located in the South-west of the city of Larnaca (Cyprus). It borders with the villages of Pano Lefkara (4 km), Kato Lefkara (4 km), and Vavla (6 km).
    It stands in the middle of three cities. The distance from Nicosia is 50 kilometres while from Larnaca and Limassol it is only 36 kilometres. It also stands at a distance of 25 kilometres from Governor's Beach."It als...


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