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5 Useful Things for the Perfect Picnic

02/10/2017 - by Dong ha
In a busy life, most people
always wait for a picnic with their family because it’s considered as the best
time to improve the relationship between family members and the time for
sharing and relaxing as well. However, many people get in trouble at the
preparation step or always forget some tiny things like lighter, a bowl, etc.
Therefore, thoughtful preparation is a good thing for the perfect trip. (Vietnam package tour)

1.   Suitable


Perhaps you think that
clothes are not the problem while enjoying the picnic so you don’t pay
attention to the issue, but it is really a misconception. The picnic is time
for rest, refreshment, and fun, so you should choose the clothes that are the
most comfortable for you and can help you move easiest. Furthermore, wearing
expensive clothes can be a bad choice for you because when enjoying outside
activities, your clothes can get dirty or ruined by some unexpected incidents,
so you should choose the clothes which you can throw away or easily clean.
Moreover, if you like wearing a dress, a maxi dress or long dress is the best
idea for you. They will help you move more easily, sit down or run and they are
more comfortable than a short dress.

2. Make a list of what are
the necessary things to bring


Whether you are a careful
person or not, making a list of necessary things for the picnic is always the
most important step because there are a lot of tiny things for a picnic and
your brain can not cover them all. In addition, the list also helps you avoid
the “OMG, I forgot” situation which makes your picnic uncomfortable. You can
divide the list into 3 parts including types of food and vegetable, kitchen tools
and personal things. For foods, you should cook or pre-process at home to save
picnic time as well as reduce the number of kitchen tools such as a gas cooker
or saucepans. Don’t forget to wash, peel, cut and store the vegetables and
fruits in additional boxes from the house. When arriving at the picnic place,
just enjoy them without loss of time for the preparation of food as well.

If you love the beach and
want to visit the beach for your family, remember to bring a wide-brimmed hat,
sunscreen, and sunglasses. You should bring insect control pills if your picnic
place is national park or forest. Be proactive and prepare a list of appliances
and utensils which you need to bring 1-2 days ahead to be sure that you bring
all things you want for the picnic. You should avoid preparing necessary things
1-2 hours before going to the picnic.

Bring tablecloths

It’s the most importing thing
when going to the picnic, but all most people always forget it. Whether you
choose the beach, park or anywhere for your family, tablecloths is one of the
first things you have to bring because it helps you have clean place for eating
and sitting instead of sitting on sand, soil or grass which can cause a lot of
problems that you do not unforeseeable such as insect bites, dirty clothes and

4. Carry a serving tray

Except when going to the picnic
area zones that have available tables and seats, you should bring a tray to
serve food. Normally, sitting on the ground can make for an uneven surface, so
this can make it hard for beer and wine to be poured. Hence, bring a plastic
tray to put food and drinks. The tray will also make the food more beautiful if
you intend to take a photo with them.

5. Readiness to enjoy

The last thing you need to do
is to enjoy this trip. You can bring a magazine, a paper, a novel or some funny
things or interesting games to do with your family to make the best memorable
and relaxing time for each member of the family. You should put stress or
trouble things in your life on the other side and enjoy 100% feeling in the
picnic. In addition, staying away from the phone, tablet is the best idea in
this time. You should remember that the picnic is the time for your family and
outside activities.
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  • 28/04/2014 - by Eleni P Hoplaros

    There are countless beaches in Cyprus.

    Many of them possess a beauty that is unrivaled.

    And TripAdvisor thought this one was one of the top. So much so that it made it onto their Top 25 Beaches.  In Europe.

    So click here. And take a look.

    For this beach.

    In Protaras. Cyprus.

    Well. It's mighty fine.

    Source: TripAdvisor

    TripAdvisor Voted. And Cyprus Made The List.

  • 14/06/2011 - by Gabriel House

    "It also stands at a distance of 25 kilometres from Governor's Beach."

    Kato Drys is located in the South-west of the city of Larnaca (Cyprus). It borders with the villages of Pano Lefkara (4 km), Kato Lefkara (4 km), and Vavla (6 km).
    It stands in the middle of three cities. The distance from Nicosia is 50 kilometres while from Larnaca and Limassol it is only 36 kilometres. It also stands at a distance of 25 kilometres from Governor's Beach."It als...


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