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A Nicosia Coffee Shop That Is All Things Pink and Audrey Hepburn!

24/09/2014 - by Cyprus.com Admin
Unlike any coffee shop or tea house in Cyprus, Breakfast at Teafunny's has managed to achieve that something unique in that it has established that perfect balance of an environment that both adults and children can enjoy, undisturbed by the football culture that prevails in Cyprus. Yep. Breakfast at Teafunny’s is special.  It is. This is why we wanted to find out more about the lady behind its creation to get to the root of her inspiration.

1. Who is Freda Yannitsas? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was raised in South Africa, a country of many diversities and amalgamation of cultures, which taught me how to respect and interact with persons of different ethnic backgrounds. South Africa is the whole world in one country, exposing those who have lived there, to so many beautiful elements of nature, culture and the arts.

Upon the completion of my studies in Economics and English Literature, I witnessed the historical evolution of democracy and the dismantling of the unjust apartheid system. Through this time of political transition, the wand of a fairy-godmother drifts me to my Hellenistic roots and to the beautiful island of Cyprus. I was privileged to work in very inspiring work environments over my professional life, as a teacher, a management consultant and later on as an editor of two bilingual publications.

These professional experiences and my interaction with inspiring people along the way, coupled with my love for children and my socially responsible approach to life and respect for the environment, led me to create Breakfast at Teafunny's.

2. What was the inspiration behind Breakfast at Teafunny's?

Our love for children, for animals, for books, for a healthy lifestyle, for romantic periods in time. I was also inspired by Audrey Hepburn, who apart from being a legend of Hollywood, who stood for elegance, grace and beauty,  was also a humanitarian, who dedicated the last few years of her life to children's charities around the world.

This is why all the wall murals at Breakfast at Tea-funny's, feature Audrey Hepburn's inspirational quotes. I also wanted to create an environment which was friendly to both adults and children and which would convey messages of social responsibility. My husband and three children were also a huge inspirational driving force to develop the philosophy of Teafunny's.

3. Breakfast at Teafunny's is pink. Very pink. Why?

Pink is my favourite colour! The colour pink stands for happiness, love, friendship, romance and positive energy.

4. Do you think this discourages parents with boys in visiting the cafe?

People who share the philosophy of Tea-funny's visit Teafunny's with their children, whether they are boys or girls. We even host many parties for boys, despite the pink. Perhaps those who opt for a more rigid and conventional upbringing of their children may be discouraged by the pink.

5. Cyprus has a very strong/big coffee culture. How has it taken to tea?

I agree with you and I am a coffee lover myself! Breakfast at Treafunny's is after all a coffee shop with a large variety of coffees and teas for its visitors. We have an equally large variety of fruity, herbal and black spicy teas, which are served in a traditional and unique way and in romantic vintage tea pots and cups.

6. Where are the millions of massive tv screens playing Omonia vs Apoel and the screaming football fans?

Teafunny's is a vintage style coffee shop, hosting messages of social responsi-bility. Our visitors come here to find tranquility in a pretty, romantic setting, undisturbed from the noise of the football culture, that often prevails in Cyprus.

7. You have a resident cat called Breakfast. But we've seen dogs here too. Are you animal friendly?

Yes we are an animal friendly destination and welcome all our four legged friends with treats and water bowls. We try to promote respect for animals by hosting events for the awareness of treatment of animals. We are hosting an all day charity pet adoption day here at Teafunny's on the 18th of October, to further promote this philosophy.

8. What do you think has made Breakfast at Teafunny's so popular so quickly?

I feel blessed that the general public has embraced the philosophy of Teafunny's so quickly, especially during these times of recession and economic uncertainty of our nation. I believe that when you develop something out of pure love, which reflects a "good living philosophy" and not some-thing purely for the sake of generating income, people respond to this positively and appreciate your effort. I hope that more and more people become inspired to develop innovative projects, with a vision, either on a small or larger scale, that will have a positive impact on our cities and country in general, that will serve to inspire.

9. Are you planning to expand into any other towns?

Not for the time being, we would like to further establish Breakfast at Teafunny's as a destination which promotes our philosophy to the utmost. We further have multiple ideas regarding our menu and quality of services that we need to implement, before even thinking of any other steps regarding expansion. Teafunny's is unique in terms of its decor and philosophy and has little, cosy corners, ornated with many vintage and personally sentimental items, which can not be replicated or copied, for both adults and children. We want to maintain this concept. An expansion may lead to the loss of these features, which we have worked hard to implement and maintain.

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