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08/10/2014 - by Danila Kozin
My name is DANILA . I'm from Russia. I rented a car company LAKIS RENT A CAR LTD in CLUB ST. GEORGE RESORT, Paphos 10/07/2014 for 4 nights. The company has not returned the Deposit of 150 EUR. Help to solve the problem! Sincerely, Mr. Kozin. +7(926)1905344
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  • Michaelides Car Rentals Ltd

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    I am living in Cyprus for the last two and a half year and have tried different car rentals company. Michaelides car rentals company has a very poor choice of cars, high prices and thing that is very important when you will have any issues with your car in case of repair or change you will lost the connection to the company. They just not take the phone and ignore you and your problems. Until you have no problems and claims everything is fine otherwise you are doomed to get anything from them. Do not be fooled by their kind.
  • 7777Rentacar

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    13.09.2015 Cyprus, Larnaca - this company supplied a car with hidden damage - after returning the car and going away they charge for the damage without explanation and warning. - 24/7 breakdown does not work. You should fix by yourself, and they do not help you. You should drive broken car even is not safe. - they do not check air pressures in the wheel and liquids before supplying to you. (official position of manager: you should check it all before and during exploitation the vehicle) - they do not pay attention on your proofs, explanation. - they do not play fair. IMO:the good company should be interested in a fair solution of the issues. Unfortunately, this company does not belong to good companies. My recommendation is to avoid!
  • Petrides Rentals

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    STAY AWAY!My friend and I hire two quad bikes from Petrides rental recently, and the one I was riding was not functioning properly from the start: speedometer wasn't working, top speed was less than the other bike, a lot of heat from the engine onto my calf (which actually burnt me), the engine cutting out every 2-5 min... Within 15 min or less we decided to call their technician who came to us and confirm that there was indeed a problem with the bike's carburettor and proceeded to tell us to pull the choke out for 2 seconds when he bike starts to cut out. This did not work. When calling again after an hour, the owner picked up the phone and shouted and cursed at me, accusing me that I was driving too fast and therefore damaging the bike, yet my friends bike had no problem and we were riding together at the same speed. On return to the shop, they decided that it was my fault and kept my €500 deposit! When I protested he shouted, cursed, blackmailed and even proceeded to hit me with his head! This was a crazy experience for which I have eye witnesses who couldn't believe this was happening. They were not interested in discussing anything about the bike's malfunction, only shouting and intimidating us. I was tempted to call the police as this was greatly unfair but we decided to not be further involved these crazy people and let go of our €500. I have always hired from Golden Ride in Coral bay who are also relatively close to the Akamas, but are very professional and half the price (€40 instead of €80), so I shall never return to Petrides Rental and certain hope nobody goes through this expensive and somewhat scary experience that may ruin the day if not someone's holiday on this beautiful island. STAY AWAY! Go to Golden Ride instead in Coral bay.

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