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Το Insidious (thriller/horror) δεν υπάρχει στο Rio Cinem...

12/08/2011 - by Katerhnaa Nikolaou
Το Insidious (thriller/horror) δεν υπάρχει στο Rio Cinema πλέον ?
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  • K Cineplex Nicosia - The Mall of Cyprus

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    This cinema reminds me of the ones I went to in the malls and complexes in the UK.The seating is good, steeper than in Engomi and the picture and sound is excellent.Prefer Engomi main screens because they are bigger.
  • Rio Cinema - Limassol

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    One of the oldest movie theaters in Limassol but few years ago was renovated, which was a very good thing! Visited this place yesterday with my two kids for a children’s movie, and it was pretty much packed. I was expecting to see probably more people working in this establishment but no. There was only one person at the ticket booth, and it took us about 20 minutes to get inside. The pattern was continuing with the chaotic situation at the concession stand. There was only one person trying to serve probably 30 kids and 15 parents at once!!! Overall the experience is nice but some more help it wouldn't hurt!
  • K Cineplex Nicosia - The Mall of Cyprus

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    K-Cineplex offers very good professional cinema infrastrucutre (seats, technology, sound, etc). Movies shown covers all ranges from kids to adults. But, folks, it is outrageous to pay for 2 adults and two 5 years old kids 44 EUROs to watch a movie!!! Come on now! This is quiote a budget for a small family to watch a movie! And then you wonder how the cinema attendance is low. Also, the service in the snack bar is quite unfriendly. Just an example, with two small kids purchasing one large size pop corn, and asking for a free cup so the other kid to get some pop corn, was out of the question... Policy? Come on!!!

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