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Документ нужен срочно пожалуйста

12/08/2016 - by Украина Мир
Здравствуйте я мама Семенова Кирилл мы были у вас 6,07 и 7. 07 вы выдали нам нам чек об оплате но там не указан диагноз и назначение лекарств . Мы не можем забрать наши деньги в страховой компании . Пожалуйста прошу вас скинуть мне в електронном виде рапорт на почту. Медицинский рапорт. У малыша горло и ушки болели. Я сейчас скину свой ​​паспорт и чеки. Вот моя почта. пожалуйста отправьте рапорт на почту. Спасибо 
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  • 23/05/2016 - by Anthony M

    At the Veterinary Center of Dr. Yiannis Kyriakou here in Emba/Chlorakas, Paphos
    (opposite Papantonio supermarket), we understand the importance of
    having a veterinary team you can trust with your personal pet care.

    Our Paphos based vets is dedicated to becoming your partner in
    maintaining your pet's health. Our goal is to practice, with compassion,
    the highest quality medicine and surgery while emphasising patient care
    and client education.

    The Veterinary Center of Dr. Yiannis Kyriakou in Paphos

  • 16/06/2015 - by kaarlo poikonen

    Dear friends

    I am married to a Greek Cypriot lady and we both believe someone can help us. I am on a 9 hour every day on dialysis and need a donor with O+ and a transplant  and Time is not on my side. Please , help us have a chance to live. Thank you


  • 16/06/2015 - by kaarlo poikonen

    I am married to a Greek Cypriot lady and we both believe someone can help us. God bless you and wish you well



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  • Napa Olympic Private Hospital

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    I and my family would like to say many thanks to Dr. Alexandros Michaelides for his high-level qualification and nice communications during a cure course for our son Gleb Snigirev at Napa Olympic private hospital (room 05 31/10 - 02/11 2017) He is really a Doctor of Medicine from capital character!!! With many thanks also to nurse Lyudmila from Letuania for her kind relations. With the best wishes Oleg Snigirev, Professor of Physics M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University.
  • DC Dermatologicum - Michaelides Argyris (Dr.)

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    I was charged 300 euros for the removal of 20-30 molluscum lesions by curettage (a basic 20min procedure, with/without local anesthesia, which involves the removal of the lesions by scrapping them off using a surgical tool called a curette). I thought that was quite expensive so I called other dermatologists in Nicosia who gave me a range of 50-100 euros for the same procedure.
  • Valessia Polyclinic

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    Добрый день! Просьба сообщить, можно ли у вас сдать ребенку общий анализ крови с лейкоцитарной формулой. Если да, то это можно сделать в любой день, время? Нужно ли направление от врача на анализ? Какая цена? И есть ли у вас русскоговорящий персонал? Просьба ответить как можно СРОЧНО. My e-mail: If you need I can write the same request in English. I kindly ask you write me your answer as quick as you can. Thanks in advance.

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