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  • DC Dermatologicum - Michaelides Argyris (Dr.)

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    Don't recommend this doctor. Not professional , especially the girls working there. I needed shampoo for greasy hair, they sold me for dry and didn't want to change. And the doctor said that this shampoo for dry hair is the same as for greasy, try it! I'd tried it and my hair started to fall down. They want only to take money from customers, don't really care about costumers!
  • Veterinary Clinic Savvas Pitsillides

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    He hates animals, if you love your cat/dog DON'T take it to this vet, he will kill it like he did to mine :(
  • Valessia Polyclinic

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    My 9 year old had an ear infection and was seen by Dr Vasos Vasiliou in August 2013. He was extremely kind and caring and said that my daughter had a very bad ear infection and that she would have to stay in on a drip. My daughter screamed the place down when they put the drip in, but the staff were very caring. They explained clearly to my daughter that if she had any pain she should press the red bell. She knew exactly what to do if the pain got worse and had the courage to press the bell. Dr Vasiliou said that it was the second worst ear infection in a child that he had seen and told my daughter she was a very brave girl. He needed to clean her ear, but every time he went near it my daughter told him no and he respected this and said he didn't want her to be in pain. I hope we don't have to attend anykind of hospital on our next visit to Cyprus, but if we do I would go straight to the Valessia poly clinic without a shadow of doubt.

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