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  • The Body Shop - Nicosia

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    The shop is small, but carries most of the items you would expect. My experiences here are always different - sometimes the staff is super-helpful and friendly, sometimes they are really pushy, and other times they let you browse around and don't bother you at all. Regardless, I still go.They have a discount card that you can sign up for. They often have promotional free gifts with a certain euro amount purchase, and sometimes they will give you free samples if you are nice :)The prices are great for toiletries and various beauty tools. Their makeup is fun and reasonably-priced as well.
  • Beauty Line

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    The store is tiny, but they have most of the popular fragrance and makeup brands. They even carry the Chanel subsidiary Bourjois!The staff are friendly and they have a bonus card that you should sign up for to obtain discounts.
  • Freshline - My Mall

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    This is a cosmetic store, a chain originated in Greece! It offers products for face, body, hair etc, but it’s quite different from all other beauty stores you’ve been to! They use natural ingredients and herbs with aromatic and healing properties, knowledge and recipes from past generations.. Their presentation is excellent and unique; for example the soaps are made into the shapes and sizes of cakes you’ll find at confectioneries (i.e. a chocolate cake or a cheesecake) and once you pick the “taste”/smell you’d like they cut only as much as you’d like from the “cake” for you to buy. It has great natural products and it’s quite fun to shop there!

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