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The Ten Things You Will Never Forget About Studying In Cyprus

02/03/2015 - by The Overseas Student
Why study in Cyprus? I’m trying to find one reason NOT to study here, but I cannot. Cyprus can cover an extremely wide area of “tastes” concerning all the visitors, so if you are looking either for a quiet place to study or for the place where the partying is continuous, then this is the place for you!!  Below you will see ten things that I will never forget about this little paradise.

1. Cyprus has 330 days of sun per year, the sunniest in Europe!!

Beat that Europe!!  Seriously 330 days.  If you don’t believe me, look for the weather on the island from March till early November and see that you can have a swim in October, even if no one believes you did - which is my case - and you won’t be swimming alone!

2. Crystal blue waters and gorgeous beaches await the travellers and locals alike.

Tough luck. I felt terrible while I was swimming in these waters, sipping my ice cold beer while all of my friends back home were getting ready to go to work. And they haven’t even seen Cyprus!! (I’m bringing them all next summer by the way).

3. Party, Party, Party!!!

The most possible scenario is having at least one night you won’t remember in Ayia Napa.  That’s so true. I think I am having memory loss-not because I’m old, but because I went out last night. Well, I’m going out every night but last night was special. I decided to go pub-crawling so I woke up on the beach having no memory of the previous night. If that’s not having a great time then what it is??

4. Food, Glorious Food

Stuffing yourself full with meze is expected from every visitor in Cyprus!!  Then there is the food. Well, you can call it food I’m calling it ambrosia. Everything is so tasty it’s not even fair. The souvlaki especially is my personal favorite – along with KEO and mousaka- but honestly the food here is the best I’ve ever had.

5. Your first love on Aphrodite’s island?

The beaches, of course. Oh my God the beaches. Only someone who’s been here can appreciate what I cannot say with words :-) and the funny thing I noticed about the beaches is that the water isn’t neither cold or hot - it’s exactly as it is supposed to be! Who wants to go back home after that? Not me. Definitely not me.

6. Leap Of Faith!

Jumping off Cape Greco? Of course!!! Another thing you must experience while on the island. The height of the cliff is perfect - neither too high or too low - and the feeling as you enter the water cannot be explained. And it’s not terrifying at all - I did it and I’m kind of afraid of heights…

7. Drinking KEO by the beach?

Of course!! Especially if it’s sunny and hot - it always is - and you are in the mood of just lying on the beautiful sand, watch the sea and drink an ice cold beer.. That’s my kind of vacation! And that’s pretty much my days on the island-at least when the sun is still up!

8. Discover FRAPPE!

And as a true tourist visiting Cyprus, you will learn what a frappe is, and you will enjoy it even at midnight with your Cypriot friends … By the way, Frappe is a unique kind of instant coffee, shaken with cold water and served with ice cubes and gossip :-)  It’s nice to be Cypriot!!

9. Get Lost In History

Getting lost in the Old City of Nicosia? Sure. But you don’t care. There are so many places to see and experience that even a guide wouldn’t be able to show you. But getting lost in a foreign, sunny, beautiful city is my kind of thing… Of course I had a map, but at some point, I decided that I was just going to walk and let the city take me wherever it wanted.

10. King Of The Castle!

There are several of crusaders castles on the island. Most of them are still beautiful and inviting, probably the best place to try and be romantic with your girl - although we both know that you are not!
Seriously, these castles are the living history of the island. The castles of Kyrenia, Kolossi, Kantara and several more await you to explore them!

Long story short, Cyprus is an amazing place, filled with history, monuments, breathtaking beaches and a great place to study!

Count me in!

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  • 11/11/2014 - by Musical Steps

    The main issue that many parents are quite often worried about is the way we put kids to bed. If we find calm music that helps our children to relax then we will make the whole procedure much easier. Further, it is very important if we find a certain piece of music with which children can relax and fall asleep then keep using the same music every night. The sound of the specific music will programme children’s mind to relax and then fall asleep while listening to it. Also, having music playing all night long in their bedroom may also help in making babies fall asleep again since the sound of music will be something familiar to them and will make them fill safe. 

    Instead of trying to make the children follow certain instructions it is better if you try and give those instructions through music. You can use simple melodies that children can sing like ‘Mulberry bush’ and ask them through music to do various things. For example, we could say ‘This is the way we eat our food, eat our food, eat our food, this is the way we eat our food on a cold and frosty morning’. We could also use the phrases ‘wash our teeth, wash our hands, brush our hair, get in the car’ and much more.  Using a song to give instructions can be much more fun for them and it becomes much easier for them to obey. Further, the repetition of certain music creates routines. 

    We can use the same song while they are eating, or getting dressed, brushing their hair, playing, giving a toy, tiding up. Through repetition of certain melodies parents can create routines. 

    The proof of how deeply music affects our brain is the fact that listening to a certain song or piece of music that we used to listen while having specific experiences in our lives, reminds us of those experiences even they might have occurred a long time ago. So, music can affect our memories and routines. 

    As far as it concerns children, since it is commonly accepted that they like playing and having fun most of the time then, why not trying bringing fun through music in their daily routines. 

    In conclusion, I would like to mention the importance of the role of parents in their children life and to remind them that using their voice to sing songs or even improvise their own music with their kids is much more educational and fun from just playing a cd with any kind of music. Sing along with your kids, it is fun, it helps their creativity, it enhances their self-confidence and improves both your communication skills. 


    Maria Demosthenous is a musicologist and pianist having finished the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Fine Arts – Music Studies and has a diploma in Piano.  She is a music teacher and in 2013 she brought Musical Steps to Cyprus.

    Maria can be contacted on 70009039 and cyprus.musicalsteps@gmail.com

    How Music Can Affect Your Children's Daily Routines

  • 13/10/2014 - by Cyprus.com Admin

    We spoke to Yangos Hadjiyannis, Deputy Director of the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) and this is what we found out.
    1. What sets CIM apart from any other educational institution in Cyprus that offers business programs?

    When we opened in 1978, we established three distinct aims that we wanted to adhere to: that of being resolute proponents of lifelong learning, of encouraging an effective understanding of the practice of marketing, and of creating and maintaining a family atmosphere.
    At the time of our founding, there were only a few colleges in Cyprus, and we were the first to aspire to serve a niche market, that of the ‘lifelong learner’.
    The notion of lifelong learning didn’t yet exist, and we were intent on catering to those who, for whatever reason, had not been granted the opportunity to engage with education earlier on. For already in-career people, we wanted to represent a second chance, offering evening classes to facilitate a functioning work-study structure.
    Meanwhile, marketing only developed in the Europe in the 1970s, though it had been present in America decades before.
    In Cyprus, it was all but non-existent when we first opened our doors, and has only truly developed over the last ten years.
    It was originally very difficult for companies to see the value of marketing, and I still feel as though we have a long way to go. Upon introducing the study of marketing to Cyprus, we obviously communicated with all major businesses to inform them about what we did and what we stood for. We were met with overwhelming incredulity as to the value of marketing!
    There was, simply, no real marketing presence in Cyprus. Even today, many of the largest companies on the island have perhaps a handful of people committed to marketing within their organisation.
    We’ve contributed greatly, however, to raising marketing’s profile: developing an understanding of what marketing is and what it can do for a business.
    Whilst the impression exists that anyone with any qualification may pursue a career in marketing, we’re trying to educate people as to the value of respecting marketing as a science as opposed to a mere tool.
    Our approach has been, all along, to cultivate corporate relations rather than blitz our name in the media.
    And this, in turn, segues to our third and final aim, that of creating a family atmosphere.
    We were, and still are, adamant that our class groups remain small and intimate. Our interest is not to churn out as many students as possible through our educational wheel: rather, we want to nurture lifelong relationships.
    Our Alumni association is particularly strong, as we place great emphasis on maintaining working relationships with our students throughout their careers.

    2. How competitive is the market in Cyprus in terms of attracting students?

    The Cyprus marker is extremely competitive. Cyprus has 3 State Universities, 4 Private Universities and 25 colleges. With a population of less than a million and with a large number of students studying abroad (mainly Greece and UK), there is intense competition. However CIM stands out by serving a niche in the market. Our clear vision is definitely our distinguishing feature. We don’t want to change according to the market, but rather be changers of the market. We’ve increased our advertising and promotion budgets, as well as our scholarships, being particularly focused on being socially responsible. We’ve granted more than 50 scholarships in the last 3 years.
    At the end of the day, however, we hope, by adhering to our principles and investing, first and foremost, in our students, to create CIM ambassadors.
    That’s why we are the only institution in Cyprus – potentially worldwide – that provides students with a free graduation ceremony. There is no charge for gowns or pictures, and an unlimited number of guests are invited to dine, drink, and celebrate at the Hilton, courtesy of the CIM.
    Some may ask why we do this. It’s simple: because this will be our students’ last memory of us and the small acts can make the biggest difference.
    People who once graduated from the CIM are now encouraging their children to enrol. And that’s possibly the greatest achievement of all.

    3. In terms of cost of fees, how does CIM compare to any other educational institution here or abroad?

    CIM has always offered its programmes at competitive fees. CIM has shown consistency over the years and unlike other academic institutions on the island, it has not been fluctuating its fees depending on the economic conditions. Moreover, the fact that most of CIM Bachelor programmes are of 3 years duration instead of 4 as in the case of the other Institutions, this means that the final cost will be lower. Finally through the franchise arrangements with the University of West London and London South Bank Universities, CIM students can earn a UK Degree or Masters at much lower cost than in London and without the need to disrupt their professional career.

    4. Who are your partners in the UK, and why did you pursue international collaborations?

    In 2011, we were the first private university to partner with a UK-based institution, the University of West London. In 2012, we expanded our international collaborations, partnering with London South Bank University.
    Through these establishments, we are able to offer a further 2 Bachelor’s Degree programmes, and an MBA, respectively, in addition to the 7 Bachelor’s Degree programmes and 2 Masters offered under the CIM umbrella.
    The nature of our students – more often than not working professionals with family commitments – mean that they find themselves restricted. Though they may aspire to acquire a degree that facilitates worldwide employability, they are unable to move abroad.
    Therefore, responding to our students’ needs, we developed these partnerships that not only increase our students’ employability worldwide (due to the association with London, globally revered for its academic standards), but give us greater support and resources to be able to better cater to our students.
    For those who can perhaps depart Cyprus for a year, we can, furthermore, facilitate split programmes, whereby the students spend a year in London; a great opportunity that many would otherwise not have.
    It’s almost as though we’ve come full circle: we brought marketing into Cyprus from the outside world back in 1978, and now, with our UK partnerships, we are able to send our students out into the world, with higher employability prospects.
    As of September 2014, we also launched two further Master of Sciences courses with London South Bank University: MSc Marketing Communications & MSc International Marketing.

    5. Has the financial crisis in Cyprus shifted the trend from students leaving to study abroad to remaining in Cyprus to study?

    The financial crisis has actually helped us. We’ve always had competitive fees, which, despite external conditions, have remained steady, stable and sensible.
    Since the onset of the crisis, fewer people can travel abroad or engage in the legendary student life (which is also notoriously expensive!).
    The option of working and studying simultaneously is much more attractive now for those on a limited budget and the crisis gave us an opportunity to further prove our commitment to provide education for everyone, with flexible evening classes.
    There’s even been an increase in interest from the younger population who recognise the value of gaining an education and practical experience concurrently. Our graduates’ CVs are automatically enriched, and their employability soars.
    We are sensible in terms of spending and we reinvest our funds into our facilities; this is, at its core, an investment in our students.
    We’ve also worked tirelessly to rebrand ourselves over the last five years, as the ‘Cyprus’ Business School’, as we feel that this is more reflective of who we are today.
    It’s a deliberate strategy: calculated, and executed with small, steady steps.
    Considering that we’ve witnessed continuous growth over the years, increasing our intake by 40% between 2010 and 2013, we view ourselves as being on a healthy and bright trajectory of development.

    6. Why would someone come to study in Cyprus?

    Cyprus is an extremely attractive destination for students. It has a high quality system of Tertiary Education, the weather is pleasant round the year and it’s a safe environment for students of all ethnic backgrounds. Moreover due to the recent franchise arrangements between Cyprus Institutions and UK Universities, students can earn a UK degree in Cyprus at much lower cost and with better living conditions.

    Mr Yangos Hadjiyannis, Deputy-Director CIM - Yangos@cima.ac.cy

    Why Study in Cyprus?

  • 22/07/2014 - by Eleni P Hoplaros

    The agreement pertaining to the donation was signed by Mr Nicos Shakolas and the rector of UCY Constantinos Christofides in the presence of President Nicos Anastasiades, Education Minister Costas Kadis, the UCY board and students of the medical school.

    It has been reported that the school will be named Nicos K. Shacolas School of Medicine and Health Sciences and that the funds will be utilized for the development of the university.

    President Anastasiades also stated that “The first public university driven by knowledge, research and innovation, has succeeded in securing numerous European funds and has become the biggest employer in terms of youth.  The UCY employs more than 500 new scientists, with funding coming exclusively from EU programmes and that it has successfully approached organisations and private individuals to contribute through donations and scholarships.”

    The president also said that “the development of UCY contributes to the development of the country”.

    UCY rector Christofides said that the donation has made it possible to achieve the goals of the university and of the medical school in difficult economic times.

    Source of article: Cyprus Mail

    Shacolas Just Donated €9 Million To The University of Cyprus.

  • 26/09/2017 - by mark william

    We should live doing the things we adore and cherishing the things we do! 

    All things considered, I want to compose and I additionally love to peruse. 


    Growing up, I would simply be in my room perusing whatever book was accessible. There were no iPads at that point, so books were my closest companions! 

    We have a smaller than usual library at home, super-scaled down however it was almighty books. 

    It was every one of Mom's books. She gathered, purchased and gathered books about effective accomplishment, books of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale among others. 

    Truly, I have additionally developed to love libraries and looking at books as well! 

    In secondary school, I'd be resting late just to complete the process of perusing wallets! 

    In school, I'd just be at the quarters on ends of the week, completing books of Sydney Sheldon and Danielle Steele. 

    At that point, after I moved on from school, my advantage changed from fiction to true to life. I went gaga for self improvement guides! 

    I'd be having my lunch rapidly just to have the capacity to invest some more energy in the book shop close to my working environment filehippo and appreciate additional time with effective writers like Leo Buscaglia; Wayne Dyer; Andrew Matthews, our own special Bo Sanchez, among others. 

    Up to this point, despite everything I endeavor to peruse as much as I could; and am passing the propensity to my children. 

    There is quite recently such a great amount of energy in the composed word. 

    Perusing enables us to expand our viewpoint; look past our own "cases"; become acquainted with ourselves increasingly and find out about our energy inside. 

    These creators impacted, propelled, and changed my life and they keep on doing so. 

    Possibly, there were the reasons why I likewise love to compose. 

    Yet, there is one critical book that I, now and then, tend to disregard. 


    My mother said one time that her dad (my granddad) read the book of scriptures day by day, and when he was at long last ready to complete it, he passed on! 

    Alright, kinda startling, isn't that so? perhaps that was the reason I veered far from understanding it and simply rely upon Sunday readings. I think I selected to peruse the photo Bible book from cover to cover, it felt more secure. 

    Joking aside, I believe I should begin understanding it once more... 

    Anyway, enough about me, shouldn't something be said about you? What do you want to do? What are your qualities? What makes cheerful? 

    Wouldn't you say the time has come to concentrate on things you want to do to influence you to love life more.

    Do What You Love

  • 02/06/2017 - by Constantinos Lyras

    Guitar Lessons Nicosia - Μαθήματα Κιθάρας Λευκωσία 

    Guitar Lessons Nicosia - Μαθήματα Κιθάρας Λευκωσία


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