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Χρειάζομε ένα ολοκληρωμένο κύκλωμα για μία T.V.bang and ...

30/03/2012 - by ANDREAS KAGKAS
Χρειάζομε ένα ολοκληρωμένο κύκλωμα για μία T.V.bang and olufsen.
Το ανταλλακτικό είνα : SDA2010A009.Θέλω να μάθω αν υπάρχει και ποιά είναι η τιμή του.
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  • Stephanis - Makedonitissa Shop

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    I decided to pre-order GTA V for ps3 as they advertised in their website, though I couldn't pay the 10euro deposite online, so I called them and asked if I could pay the deposit at the store. After talking to a couple of the employees, I was eventually told that it was possible to pay in the store and that I would get a voucher that I would later use to claim my game. I went the next day to the shop to pre-order the game, but one of the staff in gaming (quite rudely) said to me that "only online" was pre-ordering possible. I replied that I called there and they assured me that this was not the case. Then the employee told me to go to the register and they will give me a voucher, after the deposit payment. As you may have guessed, the employee working at the register had no idea whatsoever about pre-orderings, vouchers or deposits, so he called the rude employee for help. At that point I reached my boiling point and decided to leave, feeling that my money could be spent somewhere else, where I would be respected and appreciated.
  • Stephanis - Makedonitissa Shop

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    I went there to buy a shaving machine and I was very dissapointed by their service. I was in the store for 10-15 minutes staring at shaving machines waiting for someone to help me without anyone caring. I had to actually ask the cashier to tell to someone to come, bringing a worker without the slightest knowledge of shaving machines whatsoever. In top of that, shaving machines were in the wrong order, so I actually paid 10 euros more than the price it was labelled on its section.
  • Rolls Technology Store

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    I started to use this shop a few months ago and I can say that everything I have got from there has been cheaper than anywhere else - the exact same thing.The people there are very helpful and will help you make decisions not based on the most expensive thing in the shop, but what fits your purpose.You can also find everything on their web site and this saves you time.

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