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12/05/2015 - by Nicos Charalambous

April 23rd, 2015

By Maria Gregoriou

This week we thought we would get away from DJs a bit, not that we
have anything against them but a bit of variety is the spice of life –
and what better way to shake things up than what we have in store for
For those who are Elvis fans, this event is all you need to get ya
fill of a rocking time. We can’t promise a night with the king himself,
but we can promise the next best thing, a tribute to the hip-swinging
You won’t have to go to Vegas to listen to someone paying tribute to
the musical sensation of the 60s, you can just get yourself down to the Colosseum Restaurant in Paphos on Saturday or Sunday for a bit of Elvis and a three course meal.
The man who will take you to Graceland for the night is Marios Kombou
who has been putting on Elvis tribute performances for over 20 years.
His dedication to honouring the King was noticed by Donna Presley,
Elvis’ first cousin, who has commented and shown support for the act,
something that no other member of the Presley family has done for
another tribute artist.
Kombou trained as an actor and has starred in the London production
of Jailhouse Rock in the leading role of Vince Everett. He has also
appeared on TV and radio shows. Currently he, along with other members
of the West End hit musical Jailhouse Rock, are touring the UK with the
new musical The Elvis Years 1954-1977.
But the night is not all about loving tenderly, blue suede shoes and
being nothing but a hound dog, there is also a meal to be had and a lot
of rocking on the dance floor. So get calling the restaurant and book your place.
Mario as Elvis

Tribute to Elvis Presley.April 25-26. Colosseum Restaurant, Paphos. 7.30pm. €20 three course meal. Tel: 26-962415
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  • 11/05/2015 - by Nicos Charalambous



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  • 09/03/2015 - by Colosseum Restaurant

    By Nan Mackenzie

    Frederico Fellini once said that it’s easier to be faithful to a
    restaurant than it is to a woman. I don’t all together agree with him;
    yes we might find that one perfect eatery, will congratulate ourselves
    on finding such a gem of a place, we visit regularly, family and friends
    will join us, we make friends with the owner, then, after a time the
    lure of another new restaurant tempts us and we forget about our once
    favourite eatery. We have all at some time or another been guilty of
    indulging in ‘restaurant affairs’ sometimes pretending loyalty to one
    but secretly sneaking off to try pastures or pastas new.
    The bonus however of being a serial foodie adulterer is in the sure
    and certain knowledge that old loves will always welcome you back, will
    generously ignore past indiscretions, exactly what happened when I
    walked back into the Colosseum Restaurant. I first ate here 13 years ago
    when Nicos Charalambous launched his Italian-themed eatery and for
    several years I was a solid and regular fan of his cooking, until my
    taste buds started to stray.
    Nicos, being the gentleman that he is, didn’t even raise an eyebrow
    nor did he demand an explanation for my extended absence but warmly
    welcomed me back, poured a glass of wine, then disappeared, only to
    return with a plate of his perfectly marinated beef Carpaccio nestling
    on a bed of crisp rocket, topped with slivers of glistening fresh
    parmesan. He had remembered my favourite starter. It was game on from
    then, with a follow up dish of perfectly cooked prawns followed by a
    glorious pepper steak so tender one could cut it with a butter knife.
    I was back, once again relishing the marvellous veranda where diners
    can sit high above street level and feel they are safe in a haven of
    white linen, where comfort food leaning to the very best of Brassiere is
    served with still clear markers that there is also a serious kitchen at
    work here.
    Nicos also boasts a serious Cava where champagnes lay waiting, and
    Italian, French, Australian and about every other country that has a
    reputation for quality wines also lie for those whose love of food is
    equal to the seductive lure of the grape.
    Homemade pasta has always been excellent here with 14 different
    varieties to choose from, including Nicos’ very proper lasagne, or his
    now infamous ravioli which he stuffs with porcini mushrooms, sun dried
    tomatoes and fresh cream, or the decidedly different and delicious taste
    of Fagotti stuffed with ricotta and black truffle then cooked with
    fresh cream and gorgonzola cheese and port wine. The a la carte menu
    offers Irish steaks, fish, a variety of seafood dishes, chicken, pork
    and lamb but for those on a budget I can heartily recommend the Value
    Meal. This will delight both the appetite and the wallet as its priced
    at a mere €12.99 and offers a choice of seven starters, including
    Lasagne and Calamari, Fritto, then you choose from seven main dishes
    with lamb shanks, a rib eye steak, or stuffed chicken, then to finish a
    selection of four puddings plus a complimentary glass of wine. Few if
    any establishments can come close to matching this value menu not just
    on price but on the sheer quality of the ingredients, not forgetting the
    very comfortable setting, plus, on special entertainment nights you can
    also enjoy free live entertainment.
    Thank you Nicos for having me back again, I will try not to have any
    more one night stands… well … maybe… just the odd one here or there?

    SPECIALTY Quality Italian /Mediterranean dishes.

    WHERE Colosseum, Kato Paphos, opposite the Veronica Hotel

    PRICE €12.99 for the three course value meal

    CONTACT 26 962415 or 99 528964 www.colosseumristorante.com

    WHEN Monday to Saturday

    Restaurant review: Colosseum Restaurant, Paphos

  • 08/12/2013 - by Cypriot and Proud

    Food:  ★★★★☆ 4/5
    Service:  ★★★★☆ 4/5
    Ambiance:  ★★★★½ 4.5/5

    While writing this review I was trying to define what makes Bastione different. Is it the fact that right when the old city started to get overloaded, there it is, away from the crowd yet in a picturesque location? Perhaps that it is one of the few places that has managed to establish itself as both, a bar and a restaurant? Or perhaps the menu that offers innovation in a more elegant way? I think all of the above can be summarized in what can be called: attention to quality and detail…

    It is considered by a lot to be one of the prettiest places in the capital. It is, not only placed in a unique location, right on the edge of the old city on an old aquaduct, but it is built and decorated accordingly. Finding out that the owner is an architect did not come as a surprise. The decoration at Bastione doesn’t follow the “rustic” trend that is popular lately, but has a more modern-elegant ambiance without it being too formal or uptight. A lot might say that what makes all the difference is the beautiful outside space cleverly split into a bar and a restaurant area. I say the inside space is equally pretty and a great choice for a drink any day of the week, while the cosy restaurant space makes Bastione one of the best options in the capital for dinner in style.

    One of the reasons I wanted to write a “revisited” post is because, the menu changes regularly with new international and local recipes with a twist. I see the fact that the menu is only on a single page as a very positive element as I find long menus to have less character and less thought put into them. Despite that choosing a salad from the starters list wasn’t an easy task as I couldn’t help but be attracted to the crispy spring rolls with manouri cheese and yoghurt mousse and the Black Angus carpaccio with yoghurt, wasabi mousse and truffle oil. Although slightly more predictable I particularly liked the Greek salad with a feta pesto which had a fresh lemony taste with a strong kick from the feta cheese. The Scottish smoked salmon with avocado and tomatoes was surprisingly tasty and refreshing. The combination of the salty taste of salmon with the light taste of chilli and coriander worked very well. The crispy fried baby calamari with lime was delicious (and quite popular from what I hear).

    The main course list which included more than one type of pasta, meat and fish was quite diversified. The home-made spinach ravioli with feta sauce is not a dish I would generally order but not only did it come in a generous portion, but was also a lot lighter than I expected it to be which in my opinion made the dish very enjoyable. The risotto with tomato, olives and green beans, was surprisingly flavoursome with a balanced taste of savoury olives and parmesan cheese and a lightly sweet taste of the beans. The proud Cypriot mother said the lamb tenderloin with yuga potatoes (aka “poulles”), a traditional dish, was excellent (ask for it to be cooked medium so that it doesn’t become too chewy), while the pork fillets stuffed with feta and wrapped in prosciuto were equally good. Something I didn’t expect was that their most popular dish is apparently the fish of the day,even though priced at 29€. The second most popular dish was the Black Angus steak and home-made burger, something we Cypriots seem to love.

    Thankfully despite our initial protests of being full, we accepted the restaurant’s offer for desert. We tried their best seller, a salted caramel and chocolate pot served with cashew nuts. The truth is it was so good, we ended up feeling embarrassed that we had initially refused it as we ended up cleaning out the entire dessert pot! Perhaps it was the Valrhona chocolate that they use or it may have been the combination of the lightly salted taste, in any event the combination of caramel and melted chocolate reminded of a more refined nutella pot.

    A dinner at Bastione doesn’t come cheap, but after a few visits I realized that, the portions are not small (in fact definitely larger than last year’s menu), especially in respect of the starters, making it possible to share both the starters and the main, and making it easier to leave satisfied with 40-45€ each (including wine). As I always say, looking at the absolute price is unfair and one should compare value for money looking at price-food type-food quality and ambiance. In any case, looking at its popularity especially during weekends I don’t find it necessary to defend it as cleary its whole concept has been captured well by the Cypriot audience.

    Bastione Revisited

  • 08/12/2013 - by Andreas Kitsios

    ★★★★★ 5/5

    Il Forno is one of my favorite places to eat in Old Nicosia. You basically can't go wrong with anything you order from the menu as Il Forno makes delicious pastas and pretty close to authentic Italian pizza. There is a reason this place is always full. Especially on the weekend you can forget about finding a table unless you reserve in the morning or the night before.

    The first thing that makes it so pleasant to eat there is the location. It is located smack in the middle of the Ledras pedestrian shopping area and it allows you to people-watch extensively. It has mostly outdoor seating while the interior is fairly small (8-10 tables). Needless to say. the seating capacity dramatically increases when the weather is good, which is most of the time in Cyprus.

    My favorite pasta from the menu is the Deliciosa (preferably with penne). It has a tomato and black olive base and is topped with fresh basil and feta cheese - I know, unusual combination but it's amazing! In terms of pizza it's the Boconcina, the only pizza on the menu served with fresh mozzarella.

    Il Forno is one of the few places left in Nicosia with an all-Greek/Cypriot staff and this goes a long way, especially for
    locals. The service is impeccable, the waiters/waitresses are very friendly and with a great sense of humor and your food is served extremely fast.

    The wine list leaves something to be desired as there should be a broader Italian wine selection, but it is not a fancy restaurant so this can be overlooked.

    For its quality, value for money and the general experience you get from being there, Il Forno makes my top-10 list of places to eat in Nicosia.

    Authentic Italian in the heart of Nicosia


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    The name of this place is so cool !
  • La Cultura Del Gusto Restaurant

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    My friend and I ate her last week on the first night of our holiday. It was fairly late at 21:45 but no problem from the staff and plenty of other diners inside. The decor is very pleasant and the staff were friendly and attentive in the main.We both ordered the Asparagus chicken in honey. Whilst awaiting the main dish we were brought 2 bread rolls and a selection of 3 dips, one being oil and vinegar, one eggplant and one cheese and ? They were all at room temp as oppose to chilled which should have rung some alarm bells but I tucked in whilst my fellow diner declined and just ate the roll. I did polish off the cheese and eggplant dips with my bread..........neither of which tasted of anything and just warm & bland we then awaited our main..........It arrived very quickly and loved the way it was presented on the huge red sectioned plates, good selection of veg and the chicken in sauce. We both enjoyed it, although I found the sauce a little sweet to my taste and I left most of the vegetables and potatoes but ate almost all my chicken, my friend polished her whole plate off and thoroughly enjoyed. We drank our only drink of the evening and paid the bill, not unreasonable but not the cheapest either.We then drove home to our villa and retired for the night. In the early morning I suffered terrible stomach pains & ended up with severe diarrhea and projectile vomiting on several occasions through the morning. I was in a serious way and it was serious food poisoning, thankfully my friend is a trained RGN and knew what needed to be done to ensure all precautions were taken. I was terribly ill for 2 whole days, suffering fever, sweats and being unable to retain any food. We analysed our food intake that day and I'm afraid to say the meal at La Cultura Del Gusto is absolutely the only possible place on the contamination. Whether it was the dips or despite us eating the same my chicken could have been the source and we both suspect the strain was salmonella and campylobacter due to the symptoms. So, hopefully it was an unfortunate one off but totally unacceptable and we certainly won't be trying La Cultura Del Gusto ever again I'm afraid.
  • La Cultura Del Gusto Restaurant

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    My family, friends and I have visited this restaurant every year for the past 10 years when we travel from the UK annually, and have always had fantastic service and excellent food. I would say probably our favourite in the Protaras Region, with freshly prepared ingredients before your eyes. You will not be dissapointed, a superb Italian restaurtant... Always best to book during peak season as rarely an empty table in the restaurant!

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