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27/09/2016 - by Danny Smith
  • 24/06/2016 - by Omar Belkadi

    Online Marketing Agency in Cyprus

    Our wide range of digital marketing services will enable you to build your brand, enhance its identity, identify new exciting opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, you will see more exposure, traffic increase, and greater return on investment. Find out more

    Online Marketing Agency in Cyprus


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  • PPC Success Center | Top PPC, SEO & Analytics Agency

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    Excellent Marketing Services & Excellent Communication. Very Helpful Indeed. Highly Recommended!
  • Markit Laser Engravings Ltd

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    This is the best Laser Engraving facility in Nicosia. Cheap and Efficient !
  • Costas Theodorou

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    My opinion is that this store is overpriced and overrated. The service is non existent. I recently bought two identical suitcases which BOTH broke during the FIRST trip at the SAME place. When I complained to the store manager (even though I was initially told that I would be compensated), I was told later that the store owner rejected my complain. I believe the suitcases were not suited for travelling (how one can explain that they both broke during, the first use at the same place) . If this store had any service, the least they could do was to apologize for the inconvenience they caused to me for selling to me unsuitable products and provide some replacement suitcases (even of less value). On a different occasion when I sent to this store a samsonite bag for repairing its handle, the repair cost was so high that I chose to buy a new bag. For comparison, a friend of mine told me that when he sent his DELSEY basg for similar repairs to the store he bought them from (not Costas Theodorou of course), they were repaired free of charge.