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The .crypted file ransomware installs with an accomplice

24/10/2016 - by Oliver Williams
The ransom
Trojan that tags the .crypted extension on to encrypted files propagates in a very peculiar way. Its distributors leverage
the so-called Nemucod downloader, which is readily available on shady web
forums and other darknet resources. This fact is particularly disquieting because the above-mentioned malware delivery tool is likely to also serve other infections alongside the
kernel baddie.

One of the
unwelcome entities that were found to accompany the ransomware proper is the
Kovter Trojan. This infection is notorious for its click-fraud misdemeanors and
further promotion of malicious software.

The biggest
issue with the current implementations of Nemucod, though, is the .crypted file
ransomware. It arrives with spam that contains a JS downloader on board. Once
opened by an unsuspecting user, this attachment downloads the ransom Trojan to
the computer’s Temp directory. The virus devs picked this location for a reason
– some antiviruses don’t scour it for potentially harmful executables.

launched, the impostor program scans the host machine for about 100 file
extensions in order to figure out what to
encode. Every entry that meets the ‘popular
extension’ criteria is then subject to distortion with the RSA-1024 cipher. As
a result, not only do the files become inaccessible, but they also get tainted
with the newly appended .crypted extension.

ransomware creates a ransom note called Decrypt.txt on the desktop. It informs
the victim of the amount to pay for decryption, which is usually 0.4 Bitcoin,
as well as the destination Bitcoin wallet address. The manual also provides a
bunch of links to download the automatic decryptor after the payment has been submitted.

The earlier
editions of the .crypted extension ransomware could be cracked with Emsisoft’s free decryptor, but this is no longer
the case with the current variant. So, focusing on prevention is the right
thing to do. Treat spam email attachments with caution, keep important data backed up, and use reliable
antimalware. More info together with removal tips can be found here:
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  • 10/11/2015 - by Jimmy Chamichian

    2 plots of land, next to each other on the road to Mathikoloni, right on the road, total land surface 3200m2, 10% building factor, both lands are for sale at  good price with a full set of plans for a house of 4 bedrooms and 2 closed car parks and an infinity swimming pool using only the biggest plot and leaving the other one free for any further expansions. these plans are ready for submission at the town planing department after being checked by you, N.B. am the owner and i am an architect.

    2 plots of land in Mathikoloni- Limassol for sale

  • 20/12/2013 - by Kyriakos Olymbios

    Location, location, location
    The first key question is to decide which the most suitable location is.  Factors that determine location are proximity to work, closeness to schools for the kids, proximity to family, available monthly budget to spend on renting, availability of shops and amenities nearby and so on.

    What type of property am I looking for?
    Am I looking for an apartment or a house? How many bedrooms are needed? Does it need to have extra storage space (usually but not always a store room is available at apartment blocks). Do I need extra parking space (usually most properties provide one covered/uncovered parking space).  What is the quality of property I am looking at? Do I need a modern brand new apartment?

    What is my maximum rental budget?
    Very important question to ask oneself.  Taking a typical two bedroom apartment as an example, one needs to consider additional costs such as communal expenses, which may range from approximately 20 – 50 euros, depending on size, location, quality of the building etc.  Other costs will include, electricity, water, telephone connection and internet, refuse collection expenses (paid once a year and can range from approx. 80 -120 depending on property and location).  So other than the rent, additional costs may add up to about 150-300 euros per month extra (or more) always depending on consumption and use of services.

    What type of heating am I used to and need?  Do I need central heating, storage heating or hot/cold air inverter units?  Are cooling units provided in all rooms?

    Are pets allowed?
    If I have pets, is the apartment or house I will be looking for pet-friendly?  Several landlords may not allow any pets or may impose certain conditions or ask for an additional damages deposit in order to allow for pets.

    Furnished/ Unfurnished
    Do I need furniture and/or kitchen appliances?  For example, do I just need kitchen appliances or does it have to be fully furnished and equipped?  Usually the asking rent for fully furnished and equipped apartments is approx 10-30% higher than unfurnished, depending on type quality of furnishings and appliances.

    The above are useful guidelines for potential renters, necessary to think about prior to start searching for suitable properties to rent.  It is important to decide what one wants, where and how much can afford to pay having regard to any additional costs involved.  For more information, advice please contact Kyriakos Olymbios, Managing Director Propertylink Estate Agents Ltd,

    Checklist prior to renting a property

  • 31/08/2013 - by Rodolf Bernaba

    service for saves and filing system (shelves,drawers...)

    service for saves and filing system (s...


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