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This Is The Hottest Club In Cyprus and a Top 100 in the World!!

30/09/2014 - by Admin
Having been nominated as a world leader in the “DJ Magazine” top 100 clubs poll since the public have been able to vote, it comes as no surprise that Castle has dominated Cyprus’s nightlife scene! With 14 bars, a national record breaking 14 international artists over 3 unique dance arenas, Castle also boasts Ayia Napa’s largest outdoor terrace and an elevated VIP!!

We wanted to find out more about what makes The Castle Club tick, what keeps it ahead of the clubbing scene game in Cyprus. So we spoke to its Marketing Manager Steve Richards and this is what Steve had to say.

1. Castle was voted in the top 100 clubs in the world – how do you feel about that?

Very pleased and extremely proud, as Marketing manager it was a milestone to feature in this poll and also a fantastic achievement to continue to feature every year since the public were allowed to vote (as opposed to just DJ’s) in 2010.

2. How hard is it to keep yourselves at the top of the clubs in Cyprus and the world?

Every January is voting time and requires a lot of time and effort during this period but also throughout the course of the summer giving the clubber of today a reason to vote for us.

3. How is the club scene in Cyprus at the moment?

There is a fantastic clubbing scene across the Island, some serious investment has been made in various cities plus we have ample beach and festival events around the Island, bringing many the worlds biggest to the coast of Cyprus every year.

4. We are getting some really big named DJs coming to Cyprus – does this indicate a willingness for them to come to Cyprus because of just how good the club scene is?

For sure, management agencies don’t tend to allow their artists to be booked if they feel the event will be anything less then a great representation of their artist.  Fortunately many of the Cypriots have a good taste for quality music allowing for events to take place year round rather then just in tourist season.

5. Do you often deal with underage kids trying to get into the Club?

Not personally but for sure we get kids trying their luck just like any other venue in the world… I mean hey, didn’t you!?

6. How has the club scene changed from ten years ago to now?

Massively, when I first came to Ayia Napa in 2005 the level of guest artists wasn’t as big as the artist’s we see today, plus I’m pleased to say that at Castle we constantly look at ways to improve the venue and clubbing experience for our customers.

7. We’ve noticed some big names on your Radio station, how’s that going?

Castle Club Radio is going from strength to strength, still relativity in it’s infancy stage we are pleased to announce some of the biggest names in the game featuring week in week out on our schedule such as: Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Nari & Milani, Max Grayham, Omnia & Simon Patterson to name a few.   Now boasting over 80 dedicated shows in each every week all easily accessable via our website or iPhone and android apps.

8. When the season ends in the winter – is it all holiday for you guys or is there work during the off-season too?

It may be for some but not for me, my winter time is spent catching up from the summer’s chaos and also planning the upcoming season from securing around 15 resident artists, booking the guest artists and organising the events, managing a new seasons artwork design concept, managing the radio and of course trying to ensure we once again feature in the worlds top 100 clubs.

9. What changes do you have in store for us for 2015?

MORE!!! :o) More DJ’s, more sound and lighting and some possible renovations, but these are secret so please don’t tell anyone ;-)

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  • 08/12/2013 - by Antonis Polemitis

    ★★★★★ 5/5

    Taking a page from the Athenian beach-front clubs in Glyfada, Breeze is a Limassol complex containing a club, cafe and restaurant.

    This review refers to the club that is a large outdoor area, located directly on the beach. 80% of the area is outdoor and is a full-blown club with dance music, light shows, a packed area around the bar and table service circling the bar.

    Breeze attracts a high-end Cypriot and Russian so usual club dynamics are at play. Expect to book a table with bottle service or possibly have adventures with face control at the door if you are not pretty, female or well-known.

    The only imperfection is that Limassol, in the summer, by the beach is very humid, so you will likely break a sweat even with a minimum of motion.

    Definitely a must-see on the Limassol party circuit.

    The Total Venue

  • 08/12/2013 - by Antonis Polemitis

    ★★★★☆ 4/5

    Located in the Gabrielides building, long before that section of town became an epicenter for nightlife, it has been one of the main Nicosia nightlife spots for nearly 20 (?) years which is remarkable for a 'cool' club/bar in any city.

    At its peak periods, each of which lasted several years (!), it was one of the hottest night spots in Nicosia, thanks to the owner's (Marios) penchant for reinventing and redecorating the club more or less annually. Through most of that time, the crowd has been Nicosia High-End of the 'see and be seen' variety and long-standing groups of loyal regulars. My friends and I clearly fall in this latter category: I can categorically say that I have been to Sfinakia more times in my life than any other bar or club in the world, even though I mostly don't live in Cyprus. The equivalent number of visits over the years for some of my friends who are in Cyprus year-round are astronomical.

    Music is the typical Cypriot club mix of euro-house-dance and Greek music. Drinks are fully priced, making bottle service a good value if you have a group of 4 or more. Service for regulars is excellent and personal - you will see the owner there almost every night. When it is packed, having a table makes the experience significantly more pleasant, otherwise hard to move around. In the summer, there is a roof-top open space.

    This review would be an unqualified five star review if it were not for the last 12 months where Sfinakia has definitely been impacted, crowd-wise, by Marios's new venture down the street, Aperitivo. Certainly it has quite a few days per week where it is not at all full. On the other hand, the review also reflects the fact that Sfinakia has reinvented itself so many times, that you cannot count it out.

    Summary: Amazing, trail-blazing history; Will it reinvent itself and make another run at the top spot?

    Sfinakia is Timeless



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  • Castle Club

    * * * * *
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    Living up to th hype ... Probably the biggest and the best club in Cyprus - The Cstle Club has something for everyone. With three main areas with different music tastes catered for on each, whatever you are looking for you can find it here !A real party with some of the best name DJs on the circuit.Do not pass up the chance to be a part of the action at the Castle Club - a must visit for anyone in Napa ...Highly recommend this venue - best night out !
  • Castle Club

    * * * * *
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    I am surprised at myself for writing a review for Castle Club for two reasons - it is the first time I have been there after living so long on the island and that I actually enjoyed it.I was with some friends and we sat outside in the VIP section that was above the courtyard bar and away from the main upper dance floor.Th music was loud as you would expect, but you could still talk and enjoy the music as well. The service was great, good priced drinks (cheaper than other bars in the area) and although there were a lot of people, you didn't feel crowded.There are 4 areas with 2 underground and they say it can hold up to 4,000 people - something I can well believe as the areas are huge.Fantastic buzz by everyone there and a great time was had by all.You're never too old to enjoy yourself!
  • Nicosia Retro Club

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    Good place for 80s and 90s listeners. People who were there really enjoyed music and all of them were dancing. The drinks are really expensive and the quantity was more than low. I paid 9 euros for a glass of whiskey which was about 2cl. If I decide to go there again, I will try my luck for a beer. Definitely the whiskey price for such place would have been between 4-5 euros.

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