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Dog Ranch photos from the air!

27/04/2015 - by Dog Ranch
We've captured some air photos of Dog Ranch to provide you with full information on our boarding facilities before you even visit the place, and make your search easier!
Photos of Dog Ranch from the air >>Photos of Indoor Boarding Kennels and Grooming Area >>

Contact us for more information and reservation:

T. +357 96 41 70 41E. Online Booking
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  • 25/04/2014 - by Steven May (Pets)

    Well, you are not alone in regards to noticing the stampede of playful running dogs that can help you turn the topsoil, and rearrange your bulbs.  This is not the most correct-gardening protocol!

    Let’s face it, we love to be outside and so do most dogs, especially when it comes to playing fetch, Frisbee® or running after our fun squirrely friends.  So with your hard earned hours of gardening, and the incredible love for your pets, what is a good pet owner to do?

    Hopefully these tips written below will provide you some safe guidelines for your garden and most importantly your pets!
    Protect Your Dog

    Protect Your Garden

    First by protecting your garden with temporary fencing your dog will learn his/her off-limit zones.  There are a wide variety of nice, affordable and replaceable fencing available at your local home-décor and gardening locales.

    Now is the time for basic dog training - Canines do enjoy learning their boundaries.  And as with all training, the earlier you start, the better you will be.  One way to get started is to walk your dog around your backyard on a leash.  Provide lots of praise when he/she doesn’t go near the garden boundary.  If your dog crosses the line correct him/her with a stern verbal “No,” and never yank on the leash.  If you get angry or yell your dog adds stress and will get confused.  Remember, your dog really wants to please you, so it’s up to you to give them the opportunity to do just that.  If your training is frequent and positive, you will be able to remove the leash and your dog will know not to go near the immediate garden.

    Fencing For Your Dog, and Your Garden

    Remember to reward your dog each and every time they do the right thing within your garden.  Using praise is definitely the best way to train your dog!

    Audio ultrasonic fences detect motion and emit a high-pitched sound that dogs find annoying.  How do they work?  It is quite simple: Your dog wears a special collar that transmits an ultrasonic signal.  You place the receiver unit in or around the garden location.  When the dog approaches the main transceiver, his/her collar triggers a loud, audible sound that causes the dog’s ear to perk up immediately.  And never, never use electrical-shock fencing as it may cause harm to your dog and you.  Personally I find this type of solution inhuman.

    Another good solution is to ask your veterinarian if there are any safe solutions/products you can use for keeping pets out of the garden.  Not only will your veterinarian recommend safe products they can provide contacts for positive based professional trainers that you and your dog will benefit from.

    Your garden is your sanctuary, and your dog is your loving family.  Let the love between you and your dog be enjoyed within the boundaries of your sanctuary.  Happy licks for your green thumb.  For more join us at

    Stampede On Those Golden Garden Flowers.

  • 10/04/2014 - by Steven May (Pets)

    What if you encountered a fire or an earthquake? What should you have on hand?

    Let’s begin by making sure your pet is always wearing their collar with current identification tags. I suggest a Microchip to ensure a successful reunion in case you get separated.

    Keep on hand a sturdy lease, harness along with a pet carrier for each of your pets with their name and contact information on the carrier. Don’t forget to have a cozy blanket and something familiar such as a favorite toy. Comfort is key as pets get stressed like we do.

    If your pet is not used to riding in the car or traveling in a crate, try practice rides.

    Plan a safe haven such as friends, family, boarding facilities or pet friendly hotels. There are many veterinary clinics that have boarding along with local animal shelters. Have those numbers and addresses always handy.  Unless your pet is a service animal, most human shelters do not allow your pet so it’s important to have a plan so they are not abandoned.

    Finally, put together a special first aid disaster kit with food in waterproof containers, treats and bottled water for at least 2 weeks. Have on hand medications and pharmacy contact for refills. Don’t forget the poop bags and/or cat litter, along with cleanup items in case of accidents.

    Your veterinarian can be helpful along with the website; There you can get a list of important resources and information. Just remember, knowing what to do can save you and your pet’s life.


  • 02/04/2014 - by Steven May (Pets)

    But owning a pet is major responsibility, which should not be taken lightly. Pet parents need to ask themselves if they have the time, space and resources necessary to provide a good home to a pet.

    Here’s a list of questions and tips a new pet owner should consider before running off with a collar:

    Ensure the home is pet proofed.
    Just like babies and small children, pets, particularly puppies and kittens, are curious by nature. Proof the home including tying back all electrical cords, locking away any and all chemicals and poisons, securing cabinet doors, removing anything small that could be swallowed and making sure nothing that could pose a danger is left on a counter or table. Certain houseplants can pose a threat too.

    Protect from outdoor hazards.
    Make sure the pet doesn’t have access to any types of garden or lawn chemicals and determine if any garden plants may be hazardous if eaten. These can include lilies, daffodils, azaleas and sago palms.

    Make them feel at home.
    Before you bring your pet home, make sure you have a pet bed, blankets, a baby gate and a carrying crate, which can be useful in training.

    Buy the right supplies
    Make sure you have at least two water and food bowls which should be washed after every meal, two sets of collars and leashes, flea combs, brushes and pet shampoos, two sets of ID tags, urine cleaner for accidents and safe toys. Cats will need litter and a pan with a cover.

    Plan for the right diet.
    Food is going to be an ongoing need and you should consult with your veterinarian to develop the daily diet that is right for your pet.

    Prepare a budget.
    Pet ownership can be costly and you need to factor in daily feedings, pet supplies, training, microchipping, boarding and veterinarian bills for spaying and neutering, vaccinations and overall healthcare.


  • 31/10/2013 - by Dog Ranch

    Book your dog's Christmas and New Year holidays with Dog Ranch!

    We offer high quality accommodation, warm atmosphere, and fun and socializing for your dog!

    Contact us now to arrange a visit and check out our facilities!

    T: 96 41 70 41

    Book your dog's Christmas and New Year...

  • 31/08/2012 - by Georgie Savva


    Dogs can develop itchy skin from a variety of health and medical conditions, including allergies. Sores, dandruff, redness and also loss of fur can result from poor skin or coat condition and even by using cheap and low quality dog shampoo and conditioner and that is why you have to make sure you go to a QUALIFIED groomer who knows about skin conditions and how to treat them.If you are not sure yo
    u are going to a professional and qualified groomer ,even if they say they are , ALWAYS check and ask to see their Qualifications and certificates .Bathing is one of the most important , if not the most important part of grooming and care for your dog.that is why we use top quality professional dog shampoos and conditoners at our salon. Do not take a chance with your loved pets

     Dogs can develop itchy skin from...


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