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Are You a single Mommy of one, two or maybe three kids? ...

21/09/2011 - by Anna P
Are You a single Mommy of one, two or maybe three kids?
Working too much to provide your child with "the best"?HARMONY Children Center OFFERs You the opportunity of getting 50% tuition fee discount for the whole studying year 2011-12.

Your Child will enjoy :

- 4 home-made meals per day
- Qualified and expiriensed Personnel
- Central Heating
- Fully airconditioned rooms
- Comfort ,neatness and cleanness
- Safe and protected environmend
- Small, efficient groups
- Mid-day nap
- English lessons
- Baby-Yoga, Theater classes, finger drawing, and many many more educational classes!
Our programs are based on the standards of Russian Federation Ministry of Education and aim on finding hidden talents and developing skills and character of your child.

Call now 99-743-455
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  • 28/07/2011 - by Anna P

    с 1 АВГУСТА Детский Центр ГАРМОНИЯ возобновляет работу в нормальном режиме, прерванную в связи с аварией на электростанции в Июле.
    Дополнительная Информация по тел: 99 523194 Елена

    с 1 АВГУСТА Детский Центр ГАРМОНИЯ воз...


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  • Melpolino Kids Nest

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    This is a small nursery opposite the 3rd Astiki Elementary School. Maria (the owner) is really a great person and the kids love her. As a parent, I'm extremely satisifed with the fact that my kids enjoy a gret lunch, sleep, play and Maria is a great tutor helping my 3rd grade daughter with schol projects. Highly recommend melpolino for all parents !
  • Meli Koukoumeli Kindergarten

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    I took my son to this kindergarten for 2 years (ages of 3 and 4). I have to admit that I never expected the type of personal treatment and love the kids get in this place. One other very strong area is the CREATIVE things the kids do on a daily basis (painting, drawing, crafts, etc...). Highly recommend it..
  • Butterflies Kindergarten

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    Having sent 3 children to the Butterflies Kindergarden, I can honestly say that I have been very pleased with the education that they have received.All three boys have been more than ready for Primary School at the age of 6 and in all cases have known more when it came to basic maths and Greek, than was necessary or expected at that age.The high emphasis on music which plays an important part of the daily education of the children is excellent.We could not have hoped for a better start to our sons' education.

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