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8 Predictions For Home Interior Designs Trends In 2014

13/02/2014 - by
I decided to do a little digging to see where this creative field is heading in 2014 and this is what I found.

1.  Tiles are still in.  What’s changed however is the choice of tile.  Because it would seem that metal and other sheet material like glass, stone slab and stainless steel is all the rage.

2.  There still remains that room in the house that is there for the man to do with what he pleases.  What’s changed however is that this room is no longer hidden.  It is one with the rest of the house rather than in the garage or the basement as what was once the norm.

3.  Black is in.  As in black doors.  And black walls.  Inside and out.  Combined with white fixtures.  Very contemporary.

4.  Smart phones.  Smart homes.  Yes.  Applications of all sorts to control all sorts in the home are surging in popularity.  Just about everything is being upgraded to keep up with technological advancements, ranging from lighting to locks to appliances.

5.  Green is what you should be aiming for.  But not in terms of colour.  In terms of eco-friendly.  There is a switch to all things that work towards saving the environment rather than eating away at its resources.  So traditional grass that uses too much water? Out.  Synthetic lawn? In.  Just one example.

6.  Keeping in line with the natural trend, wood is back.  Why use paint when the restoration of or use of wood is simply, well, beautiful.

7.  A toilet is not just a toilet anymore.  Nope.  That’s because the urinal is reportedly creeping out of the public arena and into the home.  Not sure whether all men would agree that this is a trend to follow what with their love for a toilet seat and reading material.  But time will tell.

8.  What once was the t.v. room is now being redesigned so as to adapt to the requirements of all things virtual such as Wii or other such devices.
(Source:  see here)

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  • 04/02/2014 - by

    And with this in mind, here are 6 things you need to remember.

    1 Decisions decisions decisions

    Decide what each room will be used for and then choose the appropriate lighting so as to be sure that it will serve the function it needs to or set the tone you want.

    2 One light is not enough

    Multiple light sources will allow a range of functions to be achieved.  For example, lights under a counter will help you see better.  The same can be said for a reading light or a floor lamp next to a couch.

    3 Mirror lighting

    Where there are mirrors, be sure that the lighting is free from shadows.  And that it doesn’t glare.

    4 Recessed lighting

    Otherwise known as “can” light fixtures because of the metal recessed can that is inserted into the ceiling into which the light fixture fits.  These are great for high ceilings or in homes that incorporate modern interior design.

    5 Chandeliers

    These have been a trending choice for some time now.  Thing is, what needs to be remembered is to choose a chandelier that is to date, not outdated.  And be sure that what you select fits in with the décor that will surround it.  

    6 Nurseries

    If you have kids, or plan on having kids, night lights are a must.  Besides helping you navigate toys on the floor that when tread on feel like you’re being stabbed repeatedly in the foot (been there, done that, pre-night light), this type of lighting will also help your child feel less scared.

    6 Ways To Light Your Home

  • 17/01/2014 - by Eleni P Hoplaros

    Here are 6 ways that make the selection process as a new home buyer that much easier.

    1. Affordability

    Be sure that you actually have the finances available to afford a home.  It’s been said that you should only invest in a property that runs at approximately two-and-a-half times your annual income and of course take into consideration any other debts or expenses that impact this figure.

    2.  Location, Location, Location

    Often, the area we think will have the most return on investment is not always the one.  General rule of thumb, most home buyers place large importance on the quality of schools in the area.  So if you choose right, when the time comes to possibly sell, your property value will be boosted.

    3.  Be Sure You Are In For The Long Haul

    Taking into account the costs that are incurred in the purchase and sale of a house, unless you are committed to one place for a number of years, you may end up losing money rather than making a profit.  Only if you are looking to stay put long-term is home ownership for you.

    4.  Get Your Home Appraised

    Be sure the value of the home is equal to the asking purchase price.  We are often caught up in the excitement that comes with buying a property.  Perceived market value (often emotive) and actual market value however are two very different things.  So consider the costs wisely to be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

    5.  Get Your Home Inspected

    Shoddy building materials, shady developers and poor construction often make for a property disaster.  So get the house inspected.  Be sure that no nasty surprises await you as these will inevitably translate to you being put out of pocket.

    6.  View The Property During The Day And At Night

    What you “see” during the day may be in complete contrast to what you “hear” at night.  That dream property may end up being your worst nightmare if at night, loud music, party chatter and disco beats go on for hours on end.

    6 Things You Must Know When Buying A House

  • 17/01/2014 - by

    Doors are not only functional.  They are decorative too.  And their design can have a dramatic influence on the look of a room.

    So in your endeavour to select a door that portrays your personal style, take this into consideration.

    1 The Look

    Don’t be scared to be outrageous.  An eclectic mix and match of doors can create a dynamic sense of interior character.  Just be sure to keep too scale.  A big door can make a small room feel even tinier.

    2 The Frame

    Don’t neglect the framing.  You will simply spoil the charisma of the door.  Trying to go too cheap is akin to paying peanuts and getting monkeys.  Because quality comes at a cost.  You get where I’m going with this, right?   

    3 The Swing

    Be sure you place the handles on the side of the door that you want it to swing.  If you want a right-hand swing door, the handle needs to be placed on the right side of the door.  And in choosing which side you want the door to swing, keep in mind the words of the gurus of interior; it is a no no for a door to open into a hall or corridor.

    4 The Type

    The choice of doors is endless.  Sliding doors, panel doors, French doors or barn doors.   Be daring.  But make it you.

    5 The Sound

    What the door is made of determine how much or how little sound passes through.   STC – Sound Transmission Class.  Read about it.  Your ears may depend on it.

    6 The Material

    As in the type of door you choose, there also exists an infinite array of materials with which to construct it.  Solid Core.  Hollow Core.  MDF.  Solid Wood.  Metal.  Or glass.  Each comes with its own characteristics.  And cost.  So invest wisely.

    (Courtesy of www.ktimatagora.com/articles/articles-resources/making-an-entrance)

    Making An Entrance In 6 Different Ways

  • 17/01/2014 - by

    So what do you do when faced with the challenge of making something small appear that much bigger? 

    You do some of this. 

    1.  MIRRORS 

    Use them. Big mirrors on small walls. A match made in spatial heaven. All of a sudden those walls seem bigger; clutter somehow becomes less, well, cluttered; and light becomes amplified adding brightness that wasn’t there before. 

    2.  HEIGHT 

    Nothing worse than low ceilings cramping your style. So add a little hue to make short appear tall. Blurring walls into ceilings by painting them the same colour makes that tiny space feel larger. Automatically. 

    3.  BULK 

    Your choice of furniture is essential. The scale of each item that is. Too big makes your space feel too small. So use furniture that has legs for instance which leaves the floor visible. And make it multifunctional. Think Ottoman. Coffee table or sitting area. Win. And win. 

    4.  COLOUR 

    Light is friend, bold is foe. Anything too dark will halve the size of what is already a tiny space. So keep hues off-white or at the very least light or pastels. And if you opt for wallpaper, keep it simple. Too busy and you shrink your room. Instantly. 

    5.  PACK IT UP 

    Make use of storage that can be hidden away. Minimalism is key in making tiny feel airy. So tidy up. Because mess will make you lose the war on space. 


    Avoid them. For instance, ruffles are a no. Shades (blinds) are a yes. And if you use draperies, keep them simple or panelled. Remember. Minimalism. 


    Because Size Does Matter

  • 17/01/2014 - by Eleni P Hoplaros

    Here’s the thing.  That
    space we call home, well, it really does need to be the one area where you can
    simply be.  The go-to place where all is
    calm and you find that you can breathe again. 
    Instead, clutter builds up until that space becomes just as busy with
    stuff as our lives are with activities that need to be done.

    The chaos that accompanies clutter is a distraction.  The objective is therefore to keep the
    objects around you to a minimum.


    Less Furniture

    A few good pieces of furniture are better than a lot of
    pieces that serve no function.  So choose
    the pieces you love rather than those that everyone tells you need.  More than often, you don’t.

    Clear Surfaces

    Counter or table tops do not need to be filled to the brim
    with unnecessary things.  In a home that
    is minimalist; flat surfaces are generally free of any objects.  This is not however a hard rule and in fact
    quite boring.  Therefore, a statement
    piece, be it artwork or even a vase, will add character to an otherwise
    lacklustre space.


    Keep it simple.  A
    design or pattern that is too complex can be over-stimulating.  The use of solid colours and tone is
    therefore key in creating a calming effect.


    Going bare is about as minimalistic as you can get.  However, if you insist on a window covering,
    simplicity and lightness are essential.  


    Pack your things away. 

    5 Ways To Create A Minimalist Home


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