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Statistics on Property in Cyprus 2014 Q4 For rent and sale.

22/05/2015 - by Pavel Livshits
We made an infographic that anyone can quickly understand without going through boring reports. This infographic shows the statistics for prices sale/rent of commercial and residential property in Cyprus, broken down by city and type. 

The resolution in the post is low, you can find full infographics in our company profile
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  • 30/01/2015 - by Νικόλας Νικολάου

    It will not be a surprise to our readers to record the non respect to regulations and common expenses administration rules. Contrary to what is happening even in Greece (whom we referred as being not up to legal abiding standards by comparison to Cyprus) what we have here is a mess. This is due to the delay in pursuing the collection of the common expenses (delays through the Courts or otherwise). The common administration law is in itself a confused one, not giving a clear indication of the procedures and what are the rights of the parties.First, a project must have an elected committee, but if any legal action is undertaken, the committee must come up with the legal funds to sue and at the end there is animosity all around amongst the co-residents. In disciplined countries this is acceptable and quite a norm. In our, it is quite the opposite and which includes the alterations/extensions of a building, where the norm is to carry out works and behave in a manner contrary to the law and the common agreement. We must be perhaps the only Office representing developers who (much against our time) undertakes the management of projects after completion. Surely we are not the best around, but then by doing this we have limited the problems that there are. So if Mr X happens to come from the airport at 3.00 oclock in the morning and forgot his remote control – No problem. Bush the gate and let the administrator to handle it later!! So that there is a better view from the roof some buyers build a kiosk on the roof, notwithstanding the illegality the visual invasion to the neighbours’ gardens and downgrading of a project. For the last one (amongst many others, the ordinary being non payment of the common expenses) we took to Court a resident who carried out a roof garden extension and after a legal battle, we secured as administrators a court demolition order and we are now proceeding with a cancellation procedure of the contract, seeking the return of the property to the developer (based on contract of sale).We are managing the development of perhaps the best housing project on the beach in Cyprus (our opinion). Carefully designed in its infrastructure by a U.S. architectural Co, with perhaps the largest artificial lake, full with Koi fish, bridges and platforms, extensive common gardens, a maintenance team, imported palm trees 20 years old from Egypt and cypress trees grown up, all the way imported from Spain. Care has been taken so views of rear units are not obstructed to sea views and a night guard to go. End result? Notwithstanding that the common charges are €20 per square meter p.m., including all the above (maintenance, sewage treatment plant, common lighting etc), we have been faced, as administrators, by the lack of common fund payment and illegal extensions taking place here and there. So and after a lot of warning, we have taken legal action (our fault on the delay). End result, the wrong doers are unhappy, the correct ones are unhappy against those who do not pay and we are in the middle. So far the developer is throwing good money in the project to keep it to standard, whereas unruly children “fishing” the Koi fish and another “sky sent” problem is the seasonal pelican visitors, aiming again the Koi fish. For the project we have even ordered at the beginning a house trained pelican (all the way from Holland) but then our U.S. consultants told us that “he will be eating all the pond Koi fish”. The pelican duly sent back, we are now informed that our Christos (the pelican) ended up in one of the Greek islands (like Peter in Mykonos and the one at the Pafos harbour).People are happy to invest several hundred thousand euros for an ordinary house/ apartment, yet they are most unhappy to pay their common expenses, which secures the value of their investment. For this reason we have suggested to the Ministry of the Interior that at any point of time, the Government e.g. in case of transfer fees, issue of permits, even loan issues, a prerequisite must be an all clear certificate by the administrative committee. Those who dispute the common expenses etc to have the option to pay under objection having the right to sue or otherwise the administrative committee i.e. exactly the other way around that it is now prevailing. At least the project will keep going and maintained to a reasonable at least standard. Sometimes it is a matter of lack in neighbourliness and understanding, since it takes 1-2 odd/difficult people to turn a project under.

    No respect to regulations

  • 19/12/2014 - by Abc Cyprus Homes www.abcpropertiescyprus.com

    ABC CYPRUS HOMES- Cyprus Properties for sale and resale- Real Estate Agency in Cyprus.
    ABC Cyprus Homes offers you the best investment opportunities and  wide range of new and resale holiday Cyprus homes and Permanent Residences: villas, apartments for sale in Paphos, Polis, Limassol with varieties of properties to fit every budget and desire. 
    We have perfect selection of flats, penthouses, detached and terraced houses, bungalows, budget and luxury villas. 

    ABC CYPRUS HOMES- Cyprus Properties for sale and resale- Real Estate Agency in Cyprus.

  • 26/09/2014 - by David Copeland

    Mass development has diminished the highly profitable returns on many buy to let and capital gain properties around the island, particularly on holiday rentals. When considering an investment purchase here, LOCATION is the top priority. Sadly, many investors over the last few years have had to face the reality of the poor advice they were given. Often they cannot rent these properties out and most definitely cannot sell their properties for anything near the prices they paid previously, while the market was at its peak.

    Problems Investing in Cyprus Property Real Estate

  • 26/09/2014 - by David Copeland

    Please read
    through our free guide to property or real estate investment in Cyprus
    to discover the best strategy for the next few years. Now up until 2015
    is the best time to consider investing in exceptional projects in
    Cyprus. The market is just beginning to improve with an increase in both
    luxury and investment sales. It is a highly useful indication that many
    of the worlds largest and well informed companies are also looking to
    invest within the energy and hospitality sectors presently.

    Free Property Real Estate Investment guide for Cyprus 2014 and 2015


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  • Veskip Properties

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    I totally agree with Elena don't use them. They found renters for our property and told them our pool cleaners were too expensive resulting in the renters costing us a couple of thousand pounds after they destroyed the the pump and the liner and after signing up for a year they left after 6 months without paying us rent, electric, water and internet provider. Thanks Veskip!
  • S.K. Master Developments Limited

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    Προβληματική εταιρεία. Έχω αγοράσει ένα διαμέρισμα από αυτούς. Κατασκευαστικά η πολυκατοικία είναι χάλια. Δεν τήρησαν τους όρους του συμβολαίου τους και 10 χρόνια μετά, ακόμα να πάρουμε τίτλους ιδιοκτησίας και δεν απαντούν τα τηλέφωνά τους. Αποφύγετέ τους.
  • Veskip Properties

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    People avoid at all cost this company!!!Complete scammers, paid deposit and no house no refund, very rude and dont even explain why, month and month waiting for refund,reported them to Limassol police and administration. Now taking legal action against them. Please save yourself money, never ever use services from them

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