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Your favorite place on Cyprus?

21/06/2017 - by Marta Smit
Hey guys, please, tell me, what is your favorite place on Cyprus? Which hotels do you live? Maybe live me a contacts)
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  • 20/02/2014 - by Eleni P Hoplaros

    The carnival, also known as the Apokreo festival , kicks off two weeks before the Greek Orthodox Lenten period, during Kreatini (meat week), which is the last week for consuming meat before Easter.

    The second week is known as Tyrini or Cheese Week during which dairy and other cheese products can be eaten.

    The carnival festivities themselves begin today, Thursday, or otherwise known as Tsiknopefti which is when a meat-eating frenzy is engaged in by just about everyone in Cyprus in anticipation of the Orthodox Easter fast.  

    The entrance parade of the Kings Carnival into Limassol town kicks off the festivities.  This year’s King of the Carnival is titled “King Memorandum The Great” who with his entourage will set off from “Grigoris Afxentiou Square” on an illuminated float.  

    The King will be accompanied by the “Limassol Serenaders”, the “Ariones Choir”, the Limassol Municipality Brass Band, the “Limassol Majorettes” of the "Cyprus Girl Guides Association", the “Batucinio" percussion instruments group, the Limassol Majorettes, the Mayor and the Members of the Municipal Council.

    The Children’s Carnival Parade is held on the first Sunday of the festival, this year being 23 February.  

    This will be followed by the Grand Carnival Parade which takes place on the last Sunday of Tyrini week, being the day before Green Monday.  

    Green Monday signals the first day of the fast.

    This year the Grand Parade will begin with the Serenaders, the “Limassol Majorettes” of the "Cyprus Girl Guides Association", the Batucinio percussion instruments group, the Limassol Majorettes, and the Limassol Municipality Brass Band.  They will in turn be followed by the King of the Carnival, his entourage, large floats and other groups of carnivalists who will be sashaying in succession to the carnival music that will be playing in full throttle.

    This open-air celebration at which thousands gather to watch or participate in creates a buzz that is really quite unique.

    You see, Cypriots do love themselves a good dress up.  And carnival time is when many get to indulge in this game of masquerade with absolute childlike glee and abandon.  As if this will be their one and only chance to experience that feeling of being carefree that comes with getting to be someone or something else, if just for a day.  

    And to do it the beat of pounding music, engulfed by a party mood second to none, well, what more could one want from a carnival really!?!

    (Sources:  see here and here)

    The Time For Carnival Dress Up Has Begin!

  • 09/05/2013 - by Metafores Nerou Kostantinos-Dimitris

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  • 15/09/2012 - by Play Planet



    From 15.09.2012 to 30.11.2012
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  • 15/09/2012 - by Play Planet



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