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Ο κυριος Βεντουρης ειναι μοναδικος. Χρονια τωρα μας εξυπ...

02/10/2013 - by marios fournaris
Ο κυριος Βεντουρης ειναι μοναδικος. Χρονια τωρα μας εξυπηρετει αψογα. Απο ολη την εταιρεια σε ευχαριστουμε.
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  • 15/08/2013 - by ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ ΜΑΛΑΚΟΥΝΙΔΗΣ.

    maintenance of air conditioners include:

    type air conditioner wall or floor 9btu-12btu-18btu-24btu in your area.

    indoor unit with chemical medicine certified by CE to avoid contamination of
    room air by fungi.

    external enclosures indoor unit.

    cleaning indoor fan.

    chemical elements, drain pan and filter.

    cleaning outdoor unit where required

    for correct operation of the electronic parts of the indoor and outdoor units

    pressure refrigerant (Freon) and leakage control.


    inspection facility

    conditions of the offer are the air conditioners in the same area.

    maintenance performed by experienced cold and licensors.

    price does not include the cost of coolant (if necessary) or any damage that
    may be present in the air or on the outdoor unit.

    contact at least two days earlier at 99634060.


    George Malakounides

    Phone: 99634060

    conditioner means:

    -Correct function
    and performance of the machine.

    -Avoid future

    -Protect your
    health from possible infections.

    -Elimination of
    germs and bacteria.

    -Reduce the cost of


    All machines
    refrigeration needed periodically maintenance. Preventive maintenance is done
    first for the people who use the machines and then for the same machines. For
    people is to not inhale dust and bacteria that are installed in the filter or
    element of the interior machine. For the same machines are used for the proper
    operation, to increase its shelf life and save electricity. All air
    conditioning units are equipped with at least one or more filters. Their use
    helps to trap dust and particulate as pollen, bacteria, viruses, odors and
    germs from tobacco. Yes, although there are now machines with antibacterial and
    eco filters, but that does not mean they do not need maintenance. Barely be
    cleaned intensively.

    Maintenance is
    needed every year because:

    Pay attention to
    your health - do not hold a germs in your space. Known as the air conditioner
    gather fungi germs and various microorganisms that are harmful to our health,
    and various odors and mold and how dangerous virus of the disease conditioners
    (Legionella Pneumonia). With proper maintenance, the air conditioner cleans by
    fungi and microbes generated.



    Integrated Maintenance 1 Air Conditioner - Air
    Condition 24.000 btu up from € 20 to € 30

    Maintenance 2 air conditioners up to 24.000 btu
    from € 40 to € 60

    Maintenance 3 24.000 btu Air Conditioners up
    from € 60 to € 90

    To breathe fresh air without fungi, bacteria or
    odors from the company (George Malakounides) in Larnaca.

    The maintenance of air conditioners in...

  • 19/06/2013 - by george pefanis

    ενας φιλος που του χαλασε μια sharp lcd  , και εκανε διακοπες στην κυπρο ,o κυριος βεντουρης τον εξυπερετησε αμεσα
    πολους χαιρετισμους  απο αργοστολι κεφαλονια

    ενας φιλος που του χαλασε μια sharp lc...





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