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Zenobia Wreck

24/05/2015 - by Mocha Manders
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  • 18/10/2014 - by Joey Ridge

    The PADI Business Academy was simply AMAZING!
    During my attendance and one of the most impressive things about this training was that it ALL applied to My business of Diving in Cyprus. 

    The opportunity to share and listen to the ideas and experiences of other shop owners was extremely 
    valuable and the encouragement to make a short list of points to follow through on was also helpful. I have started 
    acting on the suggested web improvements and will next move towards improving our pricing strategies

    Padi Business Academy in Cyprus

  • 10/12/2013 - by Coral Bay Divers

    The Beginning

    If you’re sitting in Cyprus at the moment
    reading this then you already know that Cyprus is a wonderful country
    full of history, intrigue and adventure.  

    It’s the easternmost
    island in the Mediterranean, glistening beautifully in the sun between
    Europe, Africa and the Middle East; a heady combination of cultures and

    Here though is a bunch of miscellaneous facts to wet your appetite further about this fabulous place.  Did you know……

    o    Cyprus emerged from the sea an estimated 20 million years ago
    o    According to archaeological findings, it is considered that it was first inhabited around 10,000 years ago
    o    The island has a population of over 800,000
    o    It was a province of the Roman Empire in 45AD and the first country to be governed by a Christian
    o    The oldest monastery on the island, Stavrouvouni, is in the Troodos and was founded in the 4th century
    o    Cyprus is home to 3 UNESCO world heritage sites
     It is also home to the only English Royal wedding outside of England –
    King Richard the Lionheart married Queen Joanna in Limassol in 1191

    Cyprus has evolved like anywhere else and in fact in May 2004 it became
    a member of the European Union.  Over the years however, it has been
    successful in maintaining its unique culture and historical beauty,
    providing visitors and residents alike with a wonderful blend of the
    traditional and the new.

    Key Centres

    The capital
    city of Cyprus is Nicosia (sometimes known as Lefkosia) which is
    situated on the Pedios River.   It is the only divided capital city. 
    The United Nations maintain the ‘Green Line’ which divides the southern
    Greek region and the northern Turkish region.

    The city of
    Farmagusta in the Turkish sector is interesting to those seeking more
    information of the conflict of 1974.  There is a whole area left as a
    ‘ghost town’ which has remained untouched since the troubles and
    effectively ‘locked in time’.  

    Limassol, the second largest city and a busy shipping port, can be found on the southern shore of the island.  

    are two international airports in Cyprus, namely Larnaca and Paphos,
    which service two of the largest holiday regions for what is proving to
    be a thriving tourist industry.

    Historical Larnaca, with its
    palm tree lined avenues, is based in the east side of the island and as
    you move west to the opposite coast, you will reach Paphos, famously
    stated to be the birth place of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and
    home to many  famous archaeological sites such as Tombs of the Kings.

    international airports are being extended to allow for the increasing
    demand for visitors and resident travellers.  In addition, new
    developments such as the Marinas are planned which will further boost
    the appeal to those who enjoy a relaxing and leisurely lifestyle
    combining the warm Cypriot sun and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

    Around the Island

    numerous miles of breath taking coast line and crystal clear waters
    make Cyprus a paradise for water sport enthusiasts and the all year
    round mild climate allows for 365 days of potential enjoyment.

    The variety of water sports available range from aqua fun parks to skiing, boating and the enticing world of scuba diving.  

    those who enjoy adventure there may be a new world that you never even
    thought existed, that of the deep blue underwater world; a world that
    not only looks different, but sounds and feels different too!

    is host to exciting and fascinating marine life.  The changing water
    temperature throughout the year encourages an eclectic mix of underwater
    visitors.  Be here in April and you may see Peacock Wrasse, Sea Hares,
    Star Fish, Sea Urchins, and Sand Goby.  Come again in October and this
    time look out for Ornate Wrasse, Turtles, Yellow Triplefin, Rock Fish,
    Hermit Crabs, Nudibranch and Morae Eel.  All year round your might see
    Dolphins, the Sea Cucumbers or the linger a while and talk to the

    The range of dives sites in Cyprus is rich and varied
    and very much reflects the history, culture and incredible geography of
    the island.  There are dive sites suitable for both the first time diver
    and the experienced diving addict.

    Imagine gently working your
    way past the amazing underwater scenery by the entrance to the Akamas,
    swimming through spectacular caves covered with colourful calciferous
    algae or on another diving day, visit one of the top ten listed wrecks
    in the world – the Zenobia.

    It’s a world just waiting for you….

    The Wonderful World of the beautiful island of Cyprus

  • 04/04/2012 - by nikos tsironis
    4 SALE !!!!!!!!


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  • Taba Diving Centre Ltd

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    Excellent diving centre would definitely recommend it, the staff are brilliant very professional they put you at ease and make the time spent at the centre very enjoyable, so enjoyable my partner and I went back the following week to take the open water dive now we have the bug for diving and will be returning to Cyprus in April 2016 to take the other courses.
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    I took the whole family diving this summer - the introductory course - to see how we would all get on. Three of us were old enough to complete the course whilst my youngest took the course for 8-10 year olds.From the beginning until the end, there was a very professional and thorough approach to the whole day, but with a lot of fun too. Three staff were with us the whole time and you could not have asked for a more helpful team.The dive was fantastic and the whole time was fun. Problem is now I have 3 sons wanting to do more - no problem as I've been bitten by the diving bug too and Coral Bay Divers will be our choice for more courses.

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