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31/12/2017 - by Avgoulla Tindle
Its the Last Day of 2018. Who's is going out to NEW Years Eve party?
Do you need TAXI transport? Then call me for your journeys.
Ring me on +00357 99 407870 - Stavros K - Based in Paralimni Cyprus
for your NEW YEAR trips.
Happy NEW YEAR and all Good Wishes for 2018.
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  • 19/10/2017 - by Avgoulla Tindle

    Call me on +00357  99407870 Stavros

    For your local taxi trips around Protaras and other Resorts.

    Who needs a Taxi in and around Protaras?

  • 11/10/2017 - by Avgoulla Tindle

    Good Day Protaras.

    Who needs a TAXI today?
    Contact me on What's app or Viber or just......
    Call me on +00357 99407870 - Stavros K Protaras Cyprus

    Call for a TAXI Taxi - Call me??

  • 10/10/2017 - by Avgoulla Tindle

    Anyone arriving or going home and need a transfer to / from Larnaca airport?

    Call me on +00357 99407870 Stavros K
    Or Email me with your requirements if you are coming to Protaras or other
    Eastern Resorts in Cyprus.

    Call Taxi TAXI - Available Taxi and Driver

  • 26/04/2017 - by Lena Burkut

    Planning at times plays a very crucial role in almost every sector of life. Planning on a project, financial planning, education planning, planning a child, marriage, occasion and almost everything makes life easy and everything seems to be settled and hassle free. Same is the thing with planning a trip. People often say that one only needs to decide the destination and just go and then perform according to the demand of the situation. People often say that they would cross the bridge once they get there.

    But this does not help always. Especially if one is travelling with family, taking decisions at the eleventh hour is not at all a smart thing to be done. Planning becomes very important when going on a trip as because a proper planning ensures that one would not have to roam around in search of vacancies in the hotels after reaching the destination.

    It does not mean that a person or a family would have to plan each and every spot they would visit or the historical places they would see, planning here refers to the general things that are needed and cannot be avoided on a trip. Here is a check list of all the things that one needs to ensure before packing the bags and going on a trip:

    1. The dates- the dates of the trip must be planned. It should not hamper work or studies or any other legal procedures if any. Any of these facts can ruin the entire trip in just one sec if not taken care of previously.

    2. The destination- the place or destination one would like to visit comes on the second number of the check list. The destination must be decided keeping in mind the following factors-

    The number of days one have in hands for the trip.The season or month and a place according to the season.Old age family members if any.Last but most importantly the budget.
    3. Bookings- once the dates and the destination are fixed, the next important thing is making the bookings. It is a fact that visiting places in the off- seasons would give one half fun. There is a proper season to visit a place to see what the place exactly has to offer to the tourists. Getting the flight tickets and hotel rooms in such seasons can be hectic if not pre- booked. Hence, it is advisable to do the booking as soon as one decides the date and the place. Book the flight tickets and the hotel or resort whatever seems suitable with some advance payment to get rid of the last minute hassle of hopping here and there to find a room in the hotels and resorts.

    4. The next important thing before leaving for the trip is packing up. One must see to it that the thing one takes is packed depending upon the destination. The clothes, accessories etc. and of course a first aid box is very essential.

    Planning is the major part when going on a trip. If your planning is perfect then you can enjoy your trip to the most and have a great journey and come back with great memories. Also make sure when you plan a trip you should plan it with free mind. If you have any debt issues then it will be better to solve them first to an extend that they will not be a burden for you. Checking out for best credit card consolidation and going for it in order to solve your credit card debt issues is a wise idea and a great option to go with and solve your issues. It will release your burden and you can plan your trip in the best manner.

    Why Planning Is More Important When Going On A Trip

  • 13/02/2017 - by Lena Burkut

    So, are you ready for an unforgettable and fun-filled vacation with your beloved family members? Great! It is quite obvious that you may have put in lots of time searching for the attractive deals on the flight tickets, hotel rooms and food. However, one major thing that may be giving you a headache is the airport parking charges. You just drive mile long vehicle lines to find a space for your car and if you are lucky enough to find the one, then you know that you have to blow up a major chunk of your money to park your car.  The main questions that crops out here is how you can actually reduce your parking cost and save money to enjoy your holidays stress free.

    Well, you would not want to ruin your vacation plan because of the airport parking rates. Here are some of the great tips, which you can consider to cut down the cost and have extra money for an enjoyable trip:   

    Book Parking Online in Advance
    Some of the people like to turn up at the airport, waste hours searching for the space and then park their vehicle after paying an exorbitant amount of money. You will be really surprised to know that you can save extra money by booking parking online in advance. Yes, you heard it right! Renowned companies like jetparks.co.uk offer quick pre-book official airport car parking which would help one to secure the cheapest deal. You are only required to register on the website and avail competitive prices. The best part is that they do not charge any additional booking fee if the payment has been made by debit card.

    Search for the Alternative Parking Options
    If you find the airport parking fees beyond your budget, then it is important that you make it a point for the alternative parking options. There are companies that offer a designated parking spot near the airport. You can park your car there, take a shuttle bus and reach airport in a timely manner without worrying about the safety of your vehicle. You can search for the other parking options by taking valuable suggestions from your friends and relatives or better thing is to take the help of the Internet, who knows you can get lucky to get vouchers, save money and swell your bank balance.

    Look for the Airport Discount Codes
    Googling is no doubt one of the great means to grab the fantastic offers on the airport voucher codes without making any efforts. What you are required to do is to enter the term ‘Manchester Airport Parking’ and in no time you will get the list of the top websites offering the best deals and discount on the parking rates that fall within your financial capability.

    Hence, it is crystal-clear that saving money on the airport parking can be easier, by considering these tips and have happy holidays.

    Best Tips for Saving on Airport Parking


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  • Texas Taxi Office

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    Awful taxi service: the driver has taken a very long detour and didn't know neither my address (I had to explain it to the agent) nor my destination (I had to use Google maps to serve as a navigator for him!),
  • Tryfonas Motorbikes for Rent

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    Steer clear!We visited Cyprus in september 2017 and rented ATVs from Tryfonas for 3 days: monday, tuesday and thursday.The father/owner was very nice and gave us a reasonable deal.However, when we returned to pick up the bikes on thursday, the father was not there and his son refused to honor the deal we made with his father regarding gas.Soon he started screaming at us to get the hell out or he would take the bikes (that we paid for 3 days prior)Absolutely absurd behavior from a "professional" the like of which we have never experienced before and the worst experience of our whole trip.Once again,the father is very nice and fair, but you risk dealing with his son instead who is an absolute narcissistic manchild, excuse my language.Plenty of good rental shops in Ayia Napa, so stay clear of this place.
  • Olympic Taxi - Stavros - Protaras, Cyprus

    * * * * *
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    Highly recommend Stavros at Olympic Taxis. We used his service in May and again in September this year and he is reliable, friendly and his rate is very competitive. His communication by email is always quick and nothing is too much trouble for him. Stavros was also used by my family this year for transporting guests to our sons wedding at the Grecian Park and they too were also very happy with his service.