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Claim Your Free Business Profile

Claim your business on for free and control its profile, complete with your logo, details about your business, unlimited photos and videos, events, a map and more!


We have already included most of the businesses in Cyprus on for free and we will soon have them all! All you have to do is find your business and claim it to manage its presence on the premier portal about Cyprus.

In order to claim your business, you will need a member account on, so before you follow the steps below, please make sure you have created your member account and you are logged in.

Find Your Business

If your business is listed, you can find it using the large Search box on the top right of every page. Simply type your business name in the text field and press the Search button to see a page of results where your business should appear. If your business is already listed in the way you typed it, you may even see it in the suggestions before you press the Search button.

Alternatively, you can search for your business in the appropriate categories, either from the search boxes or by browsing the Categories.

If you cannot find your business on then you can easily submit it by clicking the Add business link at the top of any search results or in the Quick Shortcuts menu on some pages. After you submit your business, we will review the information you submit, confirm that the business is in operation and then add it to the website!

Tip: It is possible that your business is included but is spelled differently on, so we suggest you try different spellings. If the business is spelled wrong, you will be able to change it once you claim it.


Claim Your Business

After you have found your business on, click its name to open its profile. On the top right you should see an "Is This Your Business?" button. Just follow the 3 easy steps below to gain control of your business' profile on

Click the utton to claim your business

1. Click the "Is This Your Business" button and submit the business claim form

2. Answer your company phone and confirm the claim with one of our reps

3. Login to your member account and manage your business profile!

Start Adding Your Content!

You can actually start adding your content on your business profile even before your claim is approved! Feel free to add your logo, geo-tag your business on the map, add as many photos, videos, documents, events and other information you like to include on your profile. It's absolutely free!


Get a Free Website!

If your business doesn't already have a website, then you can get one for free! Learn More!


Benefits of the Free Profile

1. Appear Higher in Browsing Results

Get an immediate improvement in exposure.

By claiming your profile you will automatically rank above all unclaimed listings in the browsing results.

For example, if your business is a hotel and someone is browsing the Hotels category, your claimed business listing will appear in the results higher than all unclaimed hotels in the category.

2. Edit Your Company Information

Make sure your business details are correct.

You will be able to edit your company's contact information, the details of your business (operating hours, operating period, etc.) and a description of your business.

Additionally, no other user will be able to edit your details and descriptions once your business is claimed.

3. Upload a Logo

Reinforce your brand image.

You will be able to upload a logo for your business, enhancing your branding on Your logo will appear on the top right of your business profile.

Additionally, your logo will take the place of the photo that is displayed when your business appears in search results, helping it standout even more from other listings.

4. Upload Unlimited Photos and Videos

Populate your photo and video galleries with exciting content.

Your profile is open for both you and users who visit it, to add an unlimited number of photos and videos to it, enriching your presence on with rich audiovisual content.

5. Add Your Events

Inform visitors about your events!

If your business hosts or sponsors events, then you can take advantage of our free events functionality. When you add your events on your profile, they automatically appear in the Events section of under the appropriate event category and are available for all visitors to view.

6. Add Documents and Links

Provide more detailed or advanced information.

Your claimed profile will provide you with the ability to upload as many documents (.pdf, .doc, .txt) as you like on your business profile. Some examples are restaurant menus, price lists, product leaflets, posters, reports or other promotional material.

You can also add related url links to your business, such as a product website or other relevant links.

7. Set Related Companies and Company Affiliations

If your business is part of a larger organization, this can be reflected on

Through the Related tab on your business profile, your claimed profile allows you to select businesses that are part of the corporate structure of your organization and define the relationship with those businesses.

For example, if a bank has several branches, these can be selected as related businesses and classified as branches of the main organization. This will result in the branches appearing in the Related section of the main organization and in turn the main organization will also appear in the Related section of each branch.

This advanced feature is especially useful for organizations such as banks, hotels, chains and in general any organization with a hierarchical structure.

8. Comment on User Reviews as Owner

Talk to your customers.

Once you claim your business, you will be able to communicate with users who visit your profile and write reviews for your business.

9. Lock Your Company Information

Make sure no-one edits your information.

Every unclaimed business profile on is open to users to complete, if it is missing information such as operational details, a description and a geographical location.

By claiming your business, you will "lock" these fields and you will be the only one who is able to edit your profile details.

10. Get a Free Website!

Save thousands of Euro!

Every business in Cyprus can have its own website for free and you can get yours today! Learn More!