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  • Exclusive Taxi Larnaca

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    Best Cyprus taxi service. New cars, chep farws.
  • Lordos Beach Hotel

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    Cari BANDAR TOGEL ONLINE Ternyaman, Teraman, dan Terpercaya ?Susah mencari bandar sesuai dengan keinginan anda ? Akan kami berikan Solusinya yang sesuai dengan keinginan Anda. adalah BANDAR TOGEL Dengan Fasilitas Menu yang Lengkap Untuk memudahkan anda dalam bermain sehingga bisa bermain dengan nyaman. Kecepatan Transaksi dan proffesional kerja Juga bisa anda UJI karena kami AGEN TOGEL TERPERCAYA.
  • Dr. Andreas Skarparis - Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery Clinic

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    TALENTLESS AND POORLY SKILLEDI urge you to stay away from this so called ”doctor”. His skills are poor and he has a long history of performing failed surgeries. A woman named Patricia Jenkins-Lyons died following a surgery with him: came to him last year to add volume to my hollow upper eyelids. His solution was to place two implants onto my eyelid bones. Instead of creating an invisible insicion in my eyelid-fold to put the implants in, he went ahead to slice up my eyebrow to make the incision there instead. Now I have two huge bald areas on both my eyebrows where no hair strands grow. The implants that he placed are of 100% non-removable material and are extremely dented in their shape, like two stones.He also made an incision in my jaw to perform another surgery, which he later realized he was not able to perform (due to limited skills) and therefore canceled it. This incision resulted in him killing a nerve in my cheek, making my right cheek permanently numb.Dismiss his claim of being a ”reconstructive surgeon”. He was NOT capable of reconstructing any of the mess he made. This whole ”reconstructive surgeon” title many plastic surgeons apply to their name is just a trick for you to trust them. Very few surgeons can own that title and he is not one of them.The most disheartening thing about him is NOT the fact that he destroyed my face, nor the fact that he lacks talent. The most disheartening fact is that he uses lies to cover up for his mistakes. For months, he lied to me that hair would eventually grow back onto the scars that he created on my eyebrows. This did not happen of course. According to many surgeons that I have been in contact with; hair cannot grow on scars.Another thing he lied about after the failed surgery was his claim that the correct way to place the implants was to slice up my eyebrows. Every other surgeon I have contacted have all told me that this is a lie and that the eyelid creases was where the incisions would actually go. The fact that he did not know this says alot.Another thing he lied about was that he got rid of the dented implants he placed inside of me. Because when I came back to his clinic to have him get rid of the implants, he was (again, due to poor talent) only able to carve off some slight bits off the top of the implants. After the surgery, he lied right to my face and said that he got the implants removed completely. It was not until I had gotten home that I realized that he had lured me. I tried to call him back about it, but he was not picking up any of my phone calls.If he in fact messes up your surgery, please know that he has been in these situations many times before and that he is more than prepared for lawsuits. Before your surgery, he makes you sign a bunch of documents that basically makes you helpless legally if something goes wrong. He also does not care if you like the outcome of his surgery or not. He’ll just point out that he has the legal rights to neglect you. Most importantly; he will -NEVER- give your money back. For him, money is the main point of your surgery. In the end, you are irrelevant to him.I cannot go more into detail about him than this. He has threatened to leak my surgery photos and information on the internet as revenge.STAY AWAY.