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  • Royal Jordanian Airlines

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    Excellent customer service and friendly staff.
  • Kourion Archaeological Museum (Episkopi Museum)

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    The museum here is a massive dissapointment, the staff are rude and inconsiderate, we were the only ones at the museum which clearly doesn't get a lot of business as they had to open the doors and turn the loghts on for us and they certainly werent impressed about this hassle. As for the exhibits they were questionable to say the least. If you like s lot of pottery and guessung what might actually be genuine then give it a shot but I recommend anyone with any interest in histiry saves their €2.50 entry and buys a box set of time team instead, dont wast your time on this museum.
  • Valessia Polyclinic

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    Our son fell ill while on holiday in Cyprus at a very worrying time it was refreshing to meet Dr Vasos and his staff. The care that our son received was tremendous, Dr Vasos is a great doctor and a very nice person who has a real care for his patients, If only in England we had doctors like him. He also gave us some of the best cherries we have ever had.!!

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