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  • Columbia Worldwide Movers Ltd

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    Had a recent experience with this company in moving our stuff abroad. Completely unprofessional, constantly providing misleading information about delivery times etc. Even during the initial site visit prior to shipping, they were not even able to make the appointment on time and we had to wait for them for several hours! This is the 3rd month going and still haven't received our stuff (4-6 weeks promised delivery), thank god we moved the necesary ones way ahead on our own. They requested that the whole amount be paid in advance AFTER they picked up your stuff in order not to leave you any other option since they won't ship it in any other case. Once they got the money, they shipped the goods on their convenience some 10 days later(!) and from that point on're on your own. Had to speak and argue with agents in a number of countries and still haven't managed to be done with this.Not sure how they are still in business (perhaps they treat companies differently) but if you are an individual, save yourself the 2000 euros (that's what i paid including some "hidden" charges) and find another company who is profesional enough to treat their customers with respect and honesty.
  • Performers Academy of Dance and Theatre

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    Very professional and fun for all ages, always seam to achieve great results!
  • Demetriou Marios (Pyrgou)

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    MJD PYRGOS FIREWORKS LTD, -The Cyprus Fireworks Company For 30 years we have been delivering amazing professional fireworks displays. Nicos Pyrgou: 99669548 Marios Pyrgou: 99665435

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