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  • Ocean Basket - My Mall

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    This Ocean Basket has never been really busy when I have gone (though never been at the weekends) and so the service has been pretty good.They have all the favourites of all the other Ocean Baskets and the quality of service and food is just as good.
  • Vino Cultura - Wine & Tapas Bar, Wine Cellar & Delicatessen

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    This wine shop turns into a tapas bar in the evenings.The food is pretty good and I have eaten there many times ordering different things off the menu - only once was something "not right" and they were excellent with the service.The only gripe I have is that they are charging too much for the wines.
  • Universal Life Insurance Co. Ltd

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    I have almost 2 weeks lost in fruitless efforts to contact my manager to clear some issues with my claim (they have taken more than 2 months to reply me they need documents which were submitted in my initial claim and God knows how much time will they need more): he doesn't answer his mobile and never in his office when I call them. This is an awful experience and I'd advise anyone to stay away from them.

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