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  • Rea's Hairdressing Salon

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    In over thirty years of going to a salon, I have never had as awful an experience as this one. I had nicely asked the proprieter (twice) to be careful not to get water in my ears while she washed my hair. This can give me a headache. Unfortunately, she was not careful, and repeatedly water entered my ears, even though I tried to move away from the hose she continued to carelessly control. When I told her that water entered my ears, she denied it. She failed to appreciate that as the customer, I would know if this had occurred. Immediately the water in my ear drums were dripping down into my throat and causing unnecessary pressure. It was very upsetting and quite painful. The amount was considerable and had entered my ears with pressure, as she had pushed the water inside. I was leaning my head down to try to relieve the pressure and hope that some of the water would drain out when she started shouting at me, saying that she had been in business since 1999. I responded that the water was startng to give me a headache. To make matters worse, then she assaulted me, throwing back my head as she dug her claws into my head. She screamed go back to your XXX hotel (I was staying nearby). Frankly, she was a mad woman, definitely not a professional hair stylist. It was a horrible experience, that left me shaking and upset for hours (with a headache). Please avoid this place, for your own safety and well-being.
  • European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF)

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    A very annoying company - I never registered with them to receive any marketing material, no idea who sold them my contact details, but they keep sending me emails about their offering of training, in Nicosia, Cyprus. Their email does not have an unsubscribe link (which is mandatory for any decent firm) and 3 emails sent directly to Marios Siathas, to remove me from their marketing list, have not even been acknowledged. They may be great at delivering training, but this unsolicited email practice has got to stop. Plain SPAM.
  • Olympic Taxi - STAVROS

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    I received helpful exchange of dialogue and useful information regarding a great number of sights we wanted to visit since I required special requirements during my tours in the whole of Cyprus. A meeting was arranged at our hotel to discuss the tours and prices agreed.Prompt collection each day from our Protaras hotel for the various planned tours we arranged. We went to the North being Kyrenia area and Famagusta and also covered the South including Pafos. Including Airport transfers.Both, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed all tours that we under took and we recommended any others tourists / visitors to Cyprus not to hesitate to make contact with Stavros K to book any of his bespoke private tours of Cyprus.The prices are the best in this area.Friendly mannered and punctual delivery and specialist knowledge of Eastern Cyprus his own location.

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