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  • Aphrodite Jewellery

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    My partner and I decided to purchase my engagement ring together in June 2014 from this store on our holidays. Argyris seemed like a very decent, informative and trustworthy seller when we met him in person. I tried on a yellow gold ring, with what Argyris had claimed to have a platinum setting holding a single diamond. We decided to have this design made as 18 carat white gold, also with a platinum setting, whilst keeping the exact diamond of that ring. Argyris recommended I have the ring made 1 size smaller than my size in store, due to fingers expanding in the heat, to which we went ahead with. This was to be made and sent to us in London, UK.I received the item, although no signature was required upon delivery, so if the letter with the ring was posted to the wrong address, there would have been no proof that someone else had collected the ring.Nevertheless I was happy with how the ring looked, although it was too tight despite Argyris' advice. Now that my partner wishes to propose, we had the ring resized in London at the reputable Hirschfields in Hatton Garden. Through this process, Hirschfields discovered that the ring was in fact Yellow Gold that had been rhodium plated to look white gold. It was clearly the original ring I had tried on in store, just plated to cover up the colour. On reflection, this is definitely the case as there was a slight asymmetry of the spacing of the prongs within the setting, as per the photos we took of the ring in store.At this point we contacted Argyris straight away, who told my partner that if we could confirm that the ring is yellow gold then we will obtain a full refund without needing to send the ring back. We subsequently provided him with a report on headed paper from Hirschfields, a photograph clearly showing the ring to be yellow gold, and Hirschfields details including telephone number to speak with them directly for further validation.We are going away on holiday next week where my partner plans to present the ring to me. Therefore we have had to replace the shank ourselves via Hirschfields to meet these timings, in order for me to receive the ring I originally expected on the special day. We were to keep the diamond and setting, as assumed the setting was still platinum. However Hirschfields have since informed us that this is also a lie, and is in fact white gold. We are now awaiting assessment of the diamond itself, to see if this meets the specification of what was supposedly sold to us.Despite this, Argyris has completely changed his mind regarding the refund, and only offered a tiny amount compared to what we paid as compensation.He wanted us to post the ring back to him for a full refund. However this is clearly not an option for us considering the additional money we are having to spend to fix this mess, along with the lack of trust we have for Argyris due to: - selling us a counterfeit item, and despite us proving to him it is yellow gold using the evidence he requested, Argyris still not accepting this. - Argyris going back on his word regarding a full refund without needing to send the ring to him upon proof it is yellow gold. I have offered to send him just the shank so he can see for himself this is yellow gold, which he had agreed to then provide an adequate refund for. But again he has gone back on his word, offering pittance in return, especially considering we are now having to replace the shank and setting in London. Essentially all we will be using is the diamond, which I am still awaiting confirmation whether it matches his original description of it.All we want is this horrible experience to be over and done with; we cannot get this time from all the hassle and upset back, so at second best, we just want our money back and the ring I was promised at the time of purchase. We are sorting out the latter in London where we are using a reputable jeweller's, we just want our money back to cover these costs. I have encountered multiple difficult correspondence via email and telephone from both him and his wife who also owns a jewellery business in Cyprus over the past few days.If you want to be sold a genuine item of jewellery and avoid any upset, particularly something as special as an engagement or wedding ring, AVOID THIS STORE AT ALL COSTS!!!Visited June 2014
  • Elean Ophthalmic

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    My husband and I have just returned from one week in paphos whilst we was there we went to Elean Optometerists and we have to say that their service was second to non we were both attended by Alex and his lovely assistant. I purchased a pair of Jimmy Choo Glasses and my husband a pair of Hugo Boss Glasses both of which we are extremely satisfied with. When we went to collect our glasses they took my sunglasses and updated the lenses to my new prescription a service that only took 15 minutes, whilst they did this we went for a coffee giving us both our designer glasses (that we had not yet paid for) they showed great trust in us to return for my sunglasses and pay for the Glasses we had ordered (something that would not happen here in the uk) I have no concerns about recommending this opticians in fact if you require an upgrade I would say its a must.
  • Nicolas & Maria's Cottage

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    my wife and I have been here at least 15 times,it is like a little heaven,Nicholas and Dora are really friendly and helpful.Arguably the most relaxing place ever to holiday, to wake up in the beautiful garden is a real treat as is a nice glass of wine at night after a hard days reading!!! If you want peace and quiet this is the place to be.

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