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  • Performers Academy of Dance and Theatre

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    Very professional and fun for all ages, always seam to achieve great results!
  • Demetriou Marios (Pyrgou)

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    MJD PYRGOS FIREWORKS LTD, -The Cyprus Fireworks Company For 30 years we have been delivering amazing professional fireworks displays. Nicos Pyrgou: 99669548 Marios Pyrgou: 99665435
  • Marmaras Philippos

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    Philippos is a fantastic Physio who helped me to recover from Guillain Barre Syndrome, a horrible disease that stops your brain from communicating from your nerve endings.When I first started my treatment with Philippos, I was almost completely paralysed from the chest down and exactly two weeks later he had got me to the point where I was able to walk with just one crutch for about 100 metres. My progress was fantastic day by day and a lot of that was down to my twice daily sessions with Philippos.Not only did I feel like he was a man who knew exactly what to do to help me, he also knew when and what to add to my program to help me progress, he is a very kind, gentle and generous man who I now consider a good friend. I wish I could have brought Philippos back to the UK with me to continue my treatment here but I am very lucky to have had such crucial and expert help just when I needed it most.Having encountered a few other physios during my illness who were good but no-where near the level of Philippos Marmaras, I would highly recommend him to anyone of any age as he really is an inspiring person who won't push you too far and will be patient with you throughout the treatment.

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