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  • Taba Diving Centre Ltd

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    Excellent diving centre would definitely recommend it, the staff are brilliant very professional they put you at ease and make the time spent at the centre very enjoyable, so enjoyable my partner and I went back the following week to take the open water dive now we have the bug for diving and will be returning to Cyprus in April 2016 to take the other courses.
  • Tryfonas Motorbikes for Rent

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    We were recommended this shop by our hotel. Decided to rent the buggies for a day, which sounds like a great idea. The owner told us that they had no petrol in them, and we had to pay an extra €10 for petrol, on top of the already extravagant €50 a day rate for a 200cc buggy! One buggy was hopelessly broken. The only light that worked was the right hand side indicator - suicidal on Cypriot roads at night! (Everyone drives like nuts and the faux speed camera warning signs don't help at all) the day after, we went to the shop and told the owner about the problem, and we decided to rent them for another day. The replacement had working lights, but the steering the bloody thing was a joke. At about 7pm we decided to go out, and found out that the battery had gone flat. The shop closes at 6, so we couldn't call the owner. The next day, we called the owner, who took 30 minutes to come and change a battery. He would not offer us a refund for the petrol and instead told us to keep the buggies for another hour, insisting that he has a business to run and cannot work for 24 hours. What a complete rip-off! Avoid at all costs, the rentals are a joke on wheels and the owner is petulent when it comes to issues. AVOID AVOID AVOID!
  • Classical Guitar Lessons in Nicosia - Lina Christodoulidou

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    Lina is a great classical guitar teacher. I highly recommend her for anyone from Nicosia who would like to take classical guitar lessons.

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