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  • Antoniou Georgios

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    I think, it is one of the best places I have ever seen.
  • Super Home Center (D.I.Y.) Ltd - Engomi

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    I recently bought a grass trimmer from them, which was faulty from the start. They refused to refund me and said they would repair this, even though it never worked. I asked for a replacement from them & again they totally refused. The shop manager was very rude to my wife and totally unhelpful. My advise based on this bad experience is DONT BUY FROM THEM
  • DC Dermatologicum - Michaelides Argyris (Dr.)

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    I was charged 300 euros for the removal of 20-30 molluscum lesions by curettage (a basic 20min procedure, with/without local anesthesia, which involves the removal of the lesions by scrapping them off using a surgical tool called a curette). I thought that was quite expensive so I called other dermatologists in Nicosia who gave me a range of 50-100 euros for the same procedure.

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