Business Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for using If you have questions about your business profile or need help using our website, please see below for some frequently asked questions and answers.

If your questions are not answered below, please send an email to We aim to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Do I have to pay for my business to be included on

No. Your business can be included in and can have a detailed profile with information, photos, videos, reviews, maps and more, absolutely free!

I can't find my business on What do I do?

If you cannot find your business in, then you can add it for free in seconds!

Can people visiting the site add information and content to my business profile?

Yes. People who have a member account on can contribute content to your profile, such as photos, videos and reviews.

Can I remove my business from

No. is a free service with publicly available information and provides a forum for the accumulation of content. We will only remove businesses that are not currently operating in the Republic of Cyprus.

Can I control the profile of my business on

Yes. You can claim your business and control its profile.

How do I claim my business profile?

Just find your business on and click on the "Is This Your Business?" button to submit an online form and claim your business. After we make the necessary phonecalls and confirm your claim, we will grant you access to control your business profile.

Do I have to pay to claim and control my business profile?

No. You can claim and control your business profile, add unlimited photos and videos, add a logo, answer to user reviews and more, absolutely free.

Can I control the profiles of more than one business?

Yes. If you own or manage more than one business, you can add all of your businesses on and claim and control their profiles.

Why are you giving detailed profiles to businesses for free?

We believe that this is the only way to make this a useful website for everyone. It encourages the addition of useful content that everyone can benefit from.

How do you make sure that a person who claims a business is who they say they are?

We call the business that he/she has claimed to be the owner or manager of. We do not approve a claim until we have spoken with the real owner of the business and have confirmed that he/she is indeed the person who has claimed the business or an authorized person.

What can I do with my free business profile?

Well, lots! You can start by adding as much information about your business as possible (details, photos, videos etc.) so that users get a lot of information when they visit your profile.

Then, encourage your customers to write reviews about your business that can be helpful and insightful to other users.

Also, you can encourage people to add content to your profile because the more "action" your profile gets, the more exposure it gets on the homepage and on Facebook.

I received a negative review. What do I do?

First of all, do not worry! Businesses get negative reviews from time to time, which is perfectly normal and will not necessarily harm your business. People are well aware that you can't please everyone. You can choose to write your own comments on the review as the owner and give your perspective on the situation.

Someone added something inappropriate to my business profile. What do I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible by flagging the content. Under each individual content that is added on the website, there is an image of a red flag .

If you see content that is inappropriate, please click on the red flag and submit the Report Inappropriate Content form. Our staff will review your report and remove the content if it is indeed inappropriate.

Can I remove a review, photo or video from my business profile?

Not always. You do not have access to remove photos, videos or reviews that users have added to your business profile. However, we will consider removing content that is inappropriate, ill-intended or irrelevant.

Why does my business not appear on the first page of results when browsing?

We cannot guarantee that your business profile will appear in the first page of the search results, especially when browsing categories and subcategories. If you want to increase your chances of appearing higher in the results, then you should consider upgrading your business to a Standard Listing.

Why are there ads on my business profile?

Free profiles on are likely to have sponsored ads appear on their profiles. If you do not want these ads to appear, then you should consider upgrading your business to a Standard Listing.

What are "Announcements"?

Business owners can use the Announcements feature on their business profile to announce anything about their business. It could be a Happy Hour at the local bar, that 20% discount, a special offer, a job classified or just something interesting that happened. Announcements also appear on the homepage in the live feed!

What is a Standard Listing and how much does it cost?

A Standard Listing is an enhanced business profile with helpful features and tools for promotion. you can find more about it here.

What happens if I go back to a Free Listing from a Standard Listing?

Your business profile will lose all the features and benefits that the Standard Listing offers. You can see a comparison of the different business profile types here.

Can I advertise using banners on

Yes. There are several sponsorship opportunities available on


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