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We are building the largest and most comprehensive portal about the island of Cyprus. On Cyprus.com you can find what you’re looking for easily (whether that is a business or other type of place), get detailed information about it, see what others have to say and even share your own experiences. It’s useful and fun!

Cyprus.com includes a directory with detailed profiles for places in Cyprus, an active community of members (contributing reviews, photos, videos and more) and an active community of business-owners who control their business profiles free of charge.

Rich Content

Cyprus.com combines both editorial content (added by the Cyprus.com team) and user-generated content (added by you!) to build and continuously develop a useful informational resource for anyone visiting or living in Cyprus. Our aim is to cover in as much detail as possible, every single aspect of Cyprus.

Content provided by non-profit organizations, educational and research institutions will be freely available for visitors on the website to use for non-commercial purposes such as research, travel planning or promoting Cyprus as a travel destination.


Cyprus.com started as an online resource for international students at the University of Nicosia. The project was initiated in 2005 and involved documenting, both in database as well as in audio-visual form, the business environment of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The purpose was to provide a comprehensive guide to Nicosia by international students, for international students visiting and residing in Nicosia.

The nature of the site was always intended to be a repository of information and much of the information (text, photos, videos, reviews) that exists on the site today, has been gathered over the last few years by international students at the University of Nicosia. University of Nicosia students are still involved in a systematic documentation and content gathering effort for Cyprus.com.