I'm Maria and I support modern single women (and some men) to re-set your relationship compass from inside out and feel empowered, confident on your dating journey so that you attract your ideal partner and happy, healthy, easy, loving Relationship without second-guessing yourself.

If you're

* Disillusioned with dating because of a period of “bad luck” with non-committal men who blow hot and cold and disappear
* You have some negative beliefs, fears and insecurities lingering around dating and starting a new relationship.
* Beginning to doubt that you will ever meet the right partner to enjoy your life with
* Would love to open up to a new relationship but don't know how and where to begin in our modern dating culture.

Or perhaps you've started dating someone wonderful, and want to trust this is the right partner to invest your time, energy, and emotions for a serious long-term commitment.

Regardless of where you are, you're not alone to feel confused and uncertain at times. While well meaning friends and family offer advice, most of the time its unhelpful and inaccurate.
My role is to help you set a strong foundation of relationship confidence and savvy so that you avoid painful mistakes and navigate our modern dating and relationship world in a high-value way, and by honouring yourself each step of the way.

I don 't give superficial, surface level advice. A quick google search can provide those for you in seconds. My insights are underpinned by psychology, research, and proven practical results.

You can read more about some of my client's stories here. https://mariachristiecoaching.com/maria-christie-client-testimonials/

If you're ready to upgrade your LoveLife, so that you meet the Love of Your Life- Schedule a complimentary & Confidential Love.Smart Strategy Call with me here to discuss your needs, and how I might be able to support you. https://mariachristiecoaching.com/maria-christie-free-connection-call/

P.S. I work primarily with Female Clients, however, men are welcome. In both cases, we'll discuss whether we're the right match to work together during your complimentary skype call.

I'm looking forward to supporting you
Feel free to email me with any questions.
Maria Christie


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