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You Know You’re in a Cypriot Home When One of These Foods is on the Table!

The Cypriot cuisine is a varied one. Especially so because of the influence of a host of cultures that have passed

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How to Make the Perfect Frappe

Frappe coffee is arguably the most popular drink on the island of Cyprus. Not only is it a must if you are hanging

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Food and Dining

Food is an essential element of any and every social occasion in Cyprus.

A conversation rarely

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Beach and Swimming Tips

Cyprus has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean for swimming. Here are a few useful tips to maximize your

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Getting Married in Cyprus

Being the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, it makes a lot of sense to choose Cyprus as a place to get

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Operating Hours

As with some other Mediterranean countries, the operating hours for retail and services are sometimes a challenge!

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Money Matters

Useful information about money-related matters while in Cyprus, from the frequency of ATMs, bank operating hours

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