Finbarrs is borne of  Irish hospitality and folklore, passed down through generations.

 Inspired in 1996, and following extensive planning, Finbarrs Pub &   Restaurant  opened in 1998 in Nicosia, capital of Cyprus, becoming the most successful Irish Pub in Cyprus.

  Over the years at Finbarrs  Pub &   Restaurant  hundreds of stories, memories and friendships have been made while time passed effortlessly and generations changed. Having this in mind and the desire, in our hearts, to continue the legacy, Finbarrs has been given a fresh new image that fits with modern times while it keeps it’s Irish spirit alive and vibrant.

The bar is the focal point of Finbarrs  Pub &   Restaurant , not only  for its lavish decoration and comfortable bar stools, but also because it is the keeper of all good things liquid !  Our food menu is enough to satisfy the heartiest of appetites, with a wide range of international and local dishes.

Frequent events are being  held at Finbarrs,  bands that play live music, with variety of genres, Dj’s, theme nights and the famous Saint Patrick’s annual celebration,  highlighting particular drinks.

  Join us in this new chapter continuing to build more uniquely beautiful memories with your family, friends and colleagues alongside at Finbarrs Irish Pub &   Restaurant  and its team.

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    Joseph Holmes Submission Feb 20, 2012

    My review

    Double-check your bill before you pay, you may have been over-charged.

    I ordered the kofta kebab which was priced as a starter at €9. When the bill came, I was charged €15 instead. After enquiring I was told that I ordered the kofta kebab as a main dish (which I hadn't).

    This confusion arised because the menu carries the same dish as a starter AND as a main, with a significant price-difference. As the customer simply cannot be aware of this, the responsibility of clarifying lies with the staff.

    The staff refused to lower the bill as per my request, so in the end I paid €15 for an unacceptable meal: 4 tiny skewers, each half-full of low-quality kebab, chips and salad.

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    pambos charalambous Submission Feb 12, 2011

    My review

    Finbar's is always in my lis tof bars when I need a beer with a coleggue or customer just after work. Good food, great selection of beer and a good atmosphear makes you feel you are in a "warm" and friendly bar. If you visit during lunch, try to get in early otherwise your waiting time for lunch is quite long.

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    Savvas Violaris Submission Dec 24, 2010

    My review

    Irish atmosphere and design. Descent service, with north European cuisine. Big variety of beers (local and imported). Just right outside center of the city

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    Achilleas Georgiou Submission Oct 14, 2010

    Atmosphere, varity of menu and drinks

    I have been going to Finbarr's since the day it opened its doors.

    The main thing about this place is that although they are more expensive than other places for drinks, they have kept the quality that they had from day 1 and that's the most important aspect of it.

    The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the food plenty and of a good quality and the service is pretty good.

    An enjoyable place to visit.

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