Learning Foreign languages is a must for any company aiming for professional success and social recognition in today's competitive business environment. Cyprus is quickly becoming a multinational country. Many foreigners live and work here or have important business relationships with firms and individuals from Cyprus. Businesses who provide multilingual staff are one step ahead, especially with certain nationalities such as the Russians.
Interlead Foreign Language Centres can provide valuable language skills to selected members of your staff through fast -learning foreign language programs for adults under the unique interlingua system, which combines different teaching methods to achieve impressive results.
Our system has been tested and refined for more than 20 years (www.interlead.com.cy).
The language programs we offer include:
• General English and Business English
• Russian
• French
• Italian
• Spanish
• German
• Greek as foreign language

All language programs can be offered at different levels depending on the student's needs and can be administered in small groups (up to 7 adults), semi- private (up to 4 adults) or in private (one person). The Human Resource Authority of Cyprus can subsidize most programs.

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