We provide authentic Montessori elementary education (ages 6-12), while allowing and enabling children to discover their inner potential and to excel academically and personally.

Our cornerstone is each individual’s emotional and psychological wellbeing, as well as character development, just like it was for Maria Montessori. Each child is viewed and treated as the individual she or he is: with different interests, learning styles, abilities, gifts, strengths, potentials and talents that need to be discovered, enhanced and invested in. With respect and individualized attention, each child can become an independent, self-aware, self-disciplined and self-motivated learner and global citizen of the world.

Morningside Montessori Elementary, a non-profit company, is the first elementary school in Cyprus that promotes sustainable changes through innovative, non-mainstream teaching that enhance values of peace, reconciliation, inclusion, ecology and humanism, while following the Montessori method and philosophy.

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