Almost everyone in Cyprus speaks some to very good English. Still, it will be a pleasant surprise and will help you gain local friends very quickly if you can speak a few words of Greek! Here are the most useful phrases.


Translation in Greek


Yes Ναι
No Όχι Óhi
Please Παρακαλώ Parakaló
OK, agreed Εντάξει Endáxi
Thank you Ευχαριστώ Efharistó
I don’t understand Δεν Καταλαβαίνω Den katalavéno
Do you speak English? Μιλάτε Αγγλικά; Milate angliká?
Excuse me / I’m sorry Με συγχωρείτε / Συγγνώμη Me sihorite / Signómee
Today Σήμερα Símera
Tomorrow Αύριο Ávrio
Yesterday Χθες Kthes
Now Τώρα Tóra
Open Ανοικτό Aniktó
Closed Κλειστό Kleestó
Hello Χαίρετε / Γεια σας Hérete / Yá sas
Good morning Καλημέρα Kaliméra
Good evening Καλησπέρα Kalispéra
Good night Καληνύκτα Kaliníkta
How are you? Πως είστε; Pos íste?
Fine, and you? Καλά, εσείς; Kalá esís?
My name is… Με λένε… Me léne…
I don’t know Δεν ξέρω Den kséro
Let’s go Πάμε Páme
Enjoy your meal Καλή όρεξη Kalí óreksi
Cheers! Γεια μας! Yá mas!
How much is…? Πόσο κάνει…; Póso káni?
It is expensive Είναι ακριβό Íne akrivó
It is cheap Είναι φτηνό Íne ftinó
It is good Είναι καλό Íne kaló
It is nice Είναι ωραίο Íne oréo
What is that? Τι είναι αυτό; Ti íne aftó?
I need help Θέλω βοήθεια Thélo voíthia

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  1. Shelagh Cody March 2, 2019 Subscriber

    I suggest that you add an actual 🔊 voice option, to enable readers to hear the words spoken because the phonetic wording is not very clear. Thank you.

  2. Mike April 6, 2019 Subscriber

    I would also appreciate a voice option. The wife just told me I sold like Brad Pitt’s character in Inglorious Bastards doing Italian

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