The Cypriot cuisine is a varied one. Especially so because of the influence of a host of cultures that have passed through our island.

But these foods. Well, they are what I like to think quintessentially Cypriot.

And they’re uniquely amazing!


1. Karaoloi

Translation: Snails. I hold my hands up and admit; I love these little nuggets of delicious goodness! Eat them by the pot. So good!


2. Limpa

Translation: The testicles of an animal. Male that is. Obviously. They are cooked in a variety of ways. In Cyprus most often grilled or on the charcoals. And supposedly very tasty.


3. Kefalaki

Translation: A head of a sheep or a goat. Oven-roasted. Once you get past the glazed eyes and gaping mouth of that head, this meal is really quite heartily satisfying. Cypriot soul food. Yep. Cypriot soul food.


4. Zalatina

How can this dish be described? It’s pork immersed in lemon and vinegar jelly. A congealed jar of meaty, well, deliciousness according to a lot of people.


5. Moungra

Fermented cauliflower. To be specific, the cauliflower is preserved by fermenting it in sour bread dough. Flavoured with mustard seeds. Because that makes all the difference apparently.

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