Boutique wineries in Cyprus combine modern technologies with ancient traditions to make wines that are renowned around the world.

If you are interested in wine tasting, you should know that the wine history in the country is over 5000 years old. 50 wineries are officially recognized as offering great quality. All of them are great for travelers due to the breathtaking sea or mountain views, together with the great wine, of course. The following ones are hand-picked and highly recommended by various publications from around the world.

Tsiakkas Winery – Limassol

Tsiakkas Winery has been making really great wine from 1988 but wine making here started during the early parts of the twentieth century as Nicolas Tsiakkas was riding a mule right through the Pitsilia mountains to sell wine. Back then wine was held in sheepskin containers and now his grandchildren continued the legacy and various traditions.

10 wine varieties are produced at Tsiakkas. The winery covers 5 hectares, with the Red Zivania often being recommended by tourists. This wine is a great option for a cold winter night. You might also want to try the Xynisteri 2014, which won an award in the 2008 Decanter World Wine Awards. Be sure to combine wine tasting with Pitsilia trekking for an even more memorable experience.

Vlassides Winery – Koilani Limassol

Vlassides Winery covers 16 acres and is completely committed to quality. This dedication was recognized through various won competitions like Thessaloniki Wine Competition 2004 or the Brussels Wine Competition 2006.

7 wine varieties are produced with the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon being the flagship one. Once in the area do walk through Koilani and stroll along Kryos River. The landscape is quite unique, making wine tasting even more special than anticipated.

Vouni Panayia – Paphos

Wine tasting in Paphos is highly popular among wine connoisseurs and Vouni Panayia is the one winery you want to try to see exactly why. Andreas Kyriakides founded it in the year 1987 and now offers so much for the enthusiasts. This includes a museum and short film viewings about wine making. Wine tasting here is often combined with Cypriot seasonal cuisine in a restaurant with a great mountain view. Explorations are possible for trekking enthusiasts, with the Pahos Forest being particularly attractive thanks to the presence of the Chrysoroyiatissa Monastery.

Vasilikon Winery – Paphos

In Kathikas, Paphos, you want to visit the Vasilikon Winery, which was established over 20 years ago. This winery gained so many certificates and awards along the years, with wines like Einalia Rose and Methy Cabernet Sauvignon being real treats for anyone that loves wine. You cn also try some Vasilikon Dry White, a wine in a particularly high demand at the moment or the Methy, an incredible tipple.

If you are in the area, do schedule a good full day trip filled with wine tasting and exploration. Old Theletra is an abandoned village that is beautiful and close-by while hiking enthusiasts want to consider climbing Avakas Gorge. The best time to visit the surroundings is before the actual wine tasting.

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